Here are ideas about Easter traditions and customs world over. Read about Easter celebration around the world.

Easter Traditions Around The World

Easter is a one celebration that reunites families and friends and is celebrated in many countries with great gusto each year. Easter feasts, games, egg-hunts and church services are a few customary traditions that are followed everywhere. No matter which part of the globe you go, you are sure to find some unique Easter tradition that is exclusive to each country. The write-up gives you a preview of the global perspective of the festival.

If you happen to be in Finland during Easter, then you might just get dumbstruck with the way the Finnish celebrate this day. Unlike rest of the world, the Finnish people lit up huge bonfire on Easter Eve and kids go around begging on the streets with soot-streaked faces and broomsticks. As the sun sets, families gather around huge bonfires to ward off the evil spirit. Never mind if you are someone who doesn't believe in witches, the huge bonfires can always make up for an easy way to keep away the winter chill. Not all men are lucky enough to escape from participating in Easter preparations. However, if you happen to be in Poland, you might just get a chance to be outdoors playing your favorite sport. Apparently, it is an old Polish custom where the man of the house is not permitted to participate in the preparations of the festival, as the women fear that their moustache might turn grey or the dough might fail to rise. As kids, most of us are made to believe that it is the Easter bunny who brings the Easter eggs and hides it in the house. However, in Switzerland, the children are given an altogether different version of the story. Instead of Easter bunnies, the Swiss have Easter cuckoo who delivers the Easter eggs during the festival. Easter eggs come in different colors and designs, but the unique part of Easter tradition in Russia is that the design on the egg symbolizes the part of Russia to which it belongs. On Easter day, the eggs are cracked open with the help of a nail as it represents the crucifixion of the Christ.

Easter in America is great fun. Apart from the church services, the country hosts several competitions, fairs and Easter egg games on this day. The festivity mainly comprises of parades, live music concerts, colorful costumes, and great food. The celebrations in Jerusalem are quite a different experience, where the city resonates with a religious vibe. On Easter Sunday, when the clock strikes one, the priest enters the sepulcher of Christ and emerges with a burning torch, which is later used to light the candles. On this day, the locals carry out number of processions to celebrate the sacrifice made by Christ. In England, the Easter traditions involve more than just religious sermons. Some of the most popular customs that are still practiced till date are the traditional meals, Easter bonnet parades, exchanging of gifts and hosting of interesting games. Despite of the festive atmosphere, it is said that the Easter celebration in England are quite staid when compared to the razzle-dazzle of Christmas. In Australia, the Easter Bilby is the most cherished and loved local bunny. Several shows and charity events are held every year during Easter to conserve this soft fluffy creature. While you are in the continent, don't miss out on the action of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, as the show is a pure delight to watch.

Easter Traditions in Australia
Easter always calls for a grand celebration and is considered one of the most significant celebrations in the Christian calendar. Usually associated to spring and new birth, this significant event marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Just like rest of the world,

Easter Traditions in Germany
Don't be surprised if you happen to be in Germany during Easter and some local walks up to you and wishes you Frohe Ostern! Before you scratch your chin in wonder, know that he is just trying to wish you 'Happy Easter'. Just like the diverse languages and even more diverse wishes,

Easter Traditions in England
Easter in the UK is all about age-old customs, mind-boggling folklore and traditional feasts. The observance of Easter in the UK is not a recent phenomenon. In fact, it has been in vogue even before the pre-Christian times.

Easter Traditions in USA
Festivity knows no boundaries and this especially stands true in case of Easter. Celebrated all across the globe with much pomp and vigor, Easter is one time when people bury their differences and come together in hordes to rejoice this day.