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Mother's Day 2012

They say marriages are made in heaven, with the man and woman taking vows to remain together until death does them apart, yet we see marriages ending in divorces at an exponential rate. However, there is one person who shall never your side until her last breath. It's got to be your mom - yes, though you may take her for granted, remember that she has had to cope with her own share of struggles to be there for you always. Do you remember the night when you were running a fever, when you came home crying from school and when you were afraid that dad would scold you? It was only your mother who stood by you, offering you rock-solid support to shield you in adverse situations. Even though you may not be living with your mother, you still feel protected and anchored when you think of your mom. This is because she is forever there to protect and care for you, wherever she is and wherever you may be.

The cords of love and affection run profoundly deep between a mother and her child. With immeasurable love, perseverance, patience, determination, endurance, selflessness and sacrifice she bring you up. Never does she complain, never does she expect the favor to be returned, for her sole aim is to see you become successful. It is but worthy to set aside a day in the calendar exclusively for her, to honor and commemorate her supreme sacrifices that she made along the way. It is for this we celebrate mother's day. Every country holds mothers in high regard. It does not mean that on other days she is not to be honored, celebrating the day serves to reinforce her significance in our life for we tend to take her for granted. This day is celebrated in several countries across the globe, though on different dates.

Mothers' day generally falls on the second Sunday in the month of May. But there is also an exception to the celebration of this holiday. In UK, mother's day, more popularly known as mothering Sunday, occurs on the fourth Sunday in the Lent season. So it basically takes place in the month of March or early April. Mother's day date is not a fixed one and differs from nation to nation. Read further to know about mother's day date.

Mother's day 2012 Date
  • Mother's day 2012 Date: May 13
  • Mother's day in US in 2012 - May 13th
  • Mothering Sunday in UK in 2012 - March 18th