Are you searching for some interesting mother's day games? If yes, explore this article to get to know a few of them.

Mother's Day Games

Mother's day is the perfect occasion to let your mom know how much she is adored, loved, and cared for. Although mother's day was the brainchild of Ana Jarvis of Philadelphia, the day is now celebrated as a national holiday in different countries in the world. The day is celebrated to pay homage to all the mothers, to make them feel special and let them know how much they are loved and cherished. It is a day when you thank your mom for everything she has done to raise you. If you are looking for ideas and are wondering how to make the day special for your mom, then why not amaze her with some fun family games in which the entire family can participate and have a good time together. The real fun of a holiday celebration lies in doing some fun activity that can enable family members to spend some quality time with each other. One of the fabulous ways of entertaining your mom on the mothers' day is to play some mothers day games with her. You can plan out a getaway trip for her like going on a picnic and then playing some games like memory games, cards games or the all time favorite dumb charades. Here are some fun mother's day game ideas. Read on.

Mother's Day Game Ideas

Lies, Lies, Lies - An improvisation on 'Truth or Dare' except that the questions have to be restricted to something you suspect you have been lied about. Tell your mommy what you couldn't do last year and ask her whether she lied that time, when she said her friend had an accident.

Family Flashback - Make two teams, one with your parents and one with children. Each one gets one family picture album. They have to make the nicest picture story using the photos of the album, trying to depict many scenes using the expressions and scenes in the photos. The team that comes up with the best story is the winner.

Fishing and Camping - Did you think all moms love mushy-cutie stuff? This one is for the more adventurous and active moms of the modern age.

Tips For Mother's Day Games
  • Fishing is an outdoor game that your mom would love to involve herself in.
  • Going on a camping trip would be great fun. Go prepared with your tent, food and bonfire arrangements.
  • Truth or dare
  • ‘Family flashback' is a wonderful game in which all generations of mommies can participate like moms and grand moms etc. It is a game in which the participants have to use their creative imagination and come up with different guesses regarding the flashback.
  • To try out something different, you and your mommy can go for berry picking.
  • Mother's day word search game.
  • Mother's day jumbled word game.
Berry Picking
Berry picking need not be about just picking berries. While picking berries by itself can prove to be a lot of fun, there still is a way on how to make it a lot more fun. If this is what you are looking to do, you have arrived at the right place.

Family Flashback
There are umpteen numbers of things and people that can matter to you in your life and which can also have a significant effect on you. They can influence you in a profound, meaningful and permanent sort of way, or even change the course of your life.

Fishing & Camping
You bought your mother a cook book for last year's mothers' day, but she merely smiled and said, "Thank you, sweetheart!" That was when you realized that either you are bad with gifting ideas or that your mother doesn't like traditional gifts.

Truth Or Dare
The game is really pretty simple and maybe that is why it is so much fun. It's also the perfect game to play on mother's day, because it is the kind of game that can help two people playing it get that much more comfortable with each other.