Mother's Day customs and traditions are observed differently in different countries. Leap through this article to know how mother's day is celebrated all over the world.

Mother's Day Traditions

Mothers' day is a day celebrated to honor and pay tribute to our dearest mothers. Mothers are as loved as they are because they shower endless love on us and expect absolutely nothing in return. A mother's only wish in life is her child's happiness. Celebrating mother's day was until recently a concept that only the western world was obsessed with. Now, however, countries all over the world are slowly but steadily getting hooked to the idea of celebrating mother's day!

Every nation has its own way of celebrating mother's day. Exploring information on the traditions that revolve around mother's day can prove to be a lot of fun. It can also teach you quite a few lessons on how best to celebrate mother's day and how best to make your mother feel extra special on that day of the year. Sometimes, it may seem like you want to make your mother feel wanted and loved, but you just don't how to go about the whole desire. This is when you will have to remember that all matters is that you celebrate your mother and not how you go about it!

As a part of mother's day customs in America, children call up their mothers and wish them for mother's day. They present their moms with wonderful gifts baskets. Previously, this day used to focus only on mothers, but now the celebrations are simply dedicated to all women. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters, everyone is a part of the party. Most families go on getaway trips on this day.

In Spain, mother's day has more of a religious significance. There, the day is dedicated to Mother Mary. In the United Kingdom, there is a trend of presenting mother's day flower bouquets to mothers. Whatever is the way of expressing your love and affection, so be it, for the ultimate motive is to show gratitude towards the person who loves you the most. It is the day set aside for acknowledging everything that your mom has done for you.

Traditions In America
When it comes to celebrating an occasion, the Americans are almost always on top of the pile. Mother's day, just happens to be an occasion, and the Americans, given their fondness for celebrating occasions,

Traditions In Germany
The Germans may have been responsible for a war that almost had the whole of mankind involved in it at one point of time. However, when it comes to the love that a child has for its mother, the Germans are no exceptions.

Traditions In England
Mother's day in England is a day set aside from the rest to honor and let mothers know that they are loved. It's not every day that an English mother gets to know that she is loved and wanted in her very own household, so why not make her feel