Here are some easy to make mother's day crafts. Read about mother's day arts & crafts in the following article.

Mother's Day Craft

With the advent of mother's day gift stores overflow with innumerable gift items like cards, crafts and other personalised items. You can also spot a number of decorative items meant to adorn your house with on this day. There is undoubtedly a pool of options available in the market for you to choose from and surprise your mother with a suitable gift. But why not try something different this mother's day, something more innovative, more personal and something creative enough to express your affection towards your mother? One way to go innovative and creative is by making some handmade mother's day crafts. The best thing about making mother's day crafts is that it provides a personal touch to your gift and also provides you with an opportunity to make use of your creativity. Indulging in craft activities is not only entertaining, but also educative and informative for children. There are many mothers' day craft ideas for all age groups. Scroll down to come across a few of these ideas on mother's day craft.

Butterfly Card For Mother's Day

Things Required
  • Hole punch
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Construction paper
  • Markers or crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glitter glue (Optional)
  • Fold two pieces of construction paper into half giving each a card shape and then put the two folded cards together.
  • Along the fold of one of the papers, draw half a butterfly and then keep both the cards together and cut along the line of your drawing.
  • This will leave you with two butterflies. Fold one of the butterflies and draw another smaller butterfly within it.
  • Cut along the line of your drawing and make a series of holes along the edges of the pieces you happen to cut.
  • Now paste one of these pieces on to the larger, uncut butterfly. Flip across the larger butterfly and paste the other piece on the other side.
  • You can paste black or brown colour paper on the inside of the butterfly to complete a beautiful butterfly card.
  • You can go ahead and decorate your butterfly with crayons, markers, glitter or any other creative way.
Tissue Paper Flowers Craft

Things Required
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Tissue paper
  • Cut around 4-6 pieces of tissue paper and put them in a pile and fold them like and accordion.
  • Now tie the centre of the folded paper to the green pipe cleaner and pull gently each piece of paper towards the top centre of the flower.
  • Make sure that while pulling the pieces you separate each sheet of paper from the other one.
Other Examples Of Handmade Mother's Day Craft
  • Coffee Table Book For Mother's Day
  • Mother's Day Gift Pack
  • Folded paper garlands
  • Promise Cheque Book For Moms
  • Festive flower napkin rings
  • Foam picture frame
Folded Paper Garlands
Mother's day is one occasion which you celebrate by spreading love or just let it pass by like any other day. You can either make it special for your mother or can just wish her and let her get involved in her day to day activities.

Mommy's Mug
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Coffee Table Book
Are you tired of going through various guide books and magazines, visiting various gift shops, asking close friends and relatives about a suitable gift that can be given to your mother on mother's day? Well, the reservoir of mother's day

Mother's Day Card
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