"Mother" by Jim Little is a lovely poem. Red through this article for more information on this poem.


Just a look at your mother is enough to evoke in you strong feelings of love for her. This is for the simple fact that you may be capable of substituting many things and people in your life, such as your friends, but the one person whom you can never replace is your mother. She is the reason for your existence and she is the one fully responsible for your protection and upbringing. No matter what, a mother can never betray her children's blind trust in all that she does. If you look back and think of any crucial juncture of your life that you may have found yourselves in, you will realize that your mom will always be there by your side, offering you support when you need it. A mother will make sure that her kids are not left in the lurch, and that is why she will never for a moment make you feel as if she is not there for you. Even though we ourselves may have hit the middle-ages, it is funny to see our mothers still talking to us and behaving as though we were the young child never to have grown up. She refuses to treat us as mature individuals capable of taking care of ourselves. She can never bring herself to accept that you are now grown up and independent enough to take care of yourself. That is why it is said, once a mother, always a mother.

Through their selfless love and sacrifices, mothers endear themselves to us in a way that we forever remain grateful and obliged to them for all the big and small things they have done for us. We spend the most crucial period of our formative years with her and she accepts us just as we are, without expecting us to change for them or others. If you wish to express your gratitude and love for her, an opportune time is mother's day, which falls on the second Sunday of every May. People around the world make it a point to make their dear moms extremely special and try to make the day as memorable as possible in their honor. As poems have since time immemorial been a way to express one's deepest emotions, why not touch your mother's heart with an evocatively sentimental poem that describes your feelings for her. One such poem is 'Mother'.

Here are the lyrics of the most superbly expressed mother love poem, titled " Mother" by Jim Little.

From seeds
You watered us.
As we sprouted
You helped us grow
ith the warmth
Of your radiant love.
Along the way
You trimmed us
To keep us safe
From Harm.
When we grew out of
Our little pods,
You replanted us,
Where you gave us hope
And showed us faith
That we may be able
To do for others
As you did for us.