Here are some inexpensive Valentine's Day gift ideas. Read about cheap Valentine Day gift basket.

Cheap Valentine Gifts

There is a famous saying by Emanuel Swedenborg, '"Love consists in desiring to give what is our own to another and feeling his delight as our own." Valentine's Day is a day to express your feelings to the person you love. And what better way to do this than pampering your lover silly with gifts and goodies they would simply cherish. Take out time this Valentine's Day to express your love and show much you care by lavishing your beloved with special, personalized gifts that would convey oodles about your feelings and show how much thought and effort you had put to make this day a truly special one. However, love is not all about exchanging expensive gifts. It would be a folly to spend a bomb in buying expensive gifts for your valentine when something simple, sweet and inexpensive would suffice. Remember, love doesn't come with a price tag. At the end of the day, it's your feelings that matters and not the amount of money you spend. There are plenty of cute, romantic and inexpensive gift options to choose from. Make your Valentine's Day special and memorable without blowing away a fortune in trying to impress your valentine. Here are some wonderful, inexpensive Valentine's Day gift ideas that are not only romantic, but also easy on your pocket. Read further to know about inexpensive Valentine's Day gift ideas.
  • When it comes to talking of easy, affordable gifts, nothing clinches the deal better than handcrafted keepsakes that make the best tokens of love, especially when you are cash-strapped! If you think you are gifted enough to paint a portrait or maybe make something useful, then just go for it. After all, gifting your beloved a handmade personal token would count more than all the things you could ever buy. A portrait, a collage, a photo album, a cute scrapbook, or even something unique as a personal cardholder or a DVD holder would be a great idea.
  • Strapped of cash? Well, if you are broke but dread the idea of celebrating V-day without gifts, then here is a solution for you. Instead of buying your valentine a gift, better take him/her out. Sometimes people cherish experiences more than gifts. Take your guy/girl out to a nice neighborhood restaurant, a paintball excursion, or some local music concert, depending on his/her taste and preference.
  • Whoever said money can't buy happiness was indeed right. Never mind if you don't have enough bucks to buy him/her a lavish Valentine's Day gift. You can always go and extra mile and treat him/her to something special and truly memorable like a mushy breakfast in the bed, stealing a few hours from your busy schedule and going for a nature walk, or quietly sit under the porch and stare at the star-lit night. Some moments are unforgettable. Gift your beloved one such moment and he/she would love you more for this.
  • Don't have enough bucks to take him/her for dinner? Don the chef's hat and whip up your culinary skills and treat your beloved to a mouth-melting treat that would just have them begging for more. Something like hand-dipped strawberries, heart shaped cookies or cakes would be enough to kindle some lovey-dovey moments on V-day.
You don't always need to stretch your budget to show how much you care. Sometimes small gestures of appreciation is all it takes to make a relationship last forever.