It's interesting to learn the ways as to how to say I love you in different languages. Read tips about how to express love.

How To Express Love

You have just met a girl who perfectly fits your bill; she is witty, attractive, gets along with all your pals and is huge fun to hang out with. The only hitch, however, lies in unleashing your heart and letting her know that she means the world to you. Well, sometimes saying, '"I love you" could be the hardest thing to do. While it is easy to feel lovesick, expressing love to your object of affection may be a different ball game altogether. Whether a live wire or a recluse, even the most daring of men can chicken out when it comes to uttering those three dreaded loved words. After all, expressing emotions have forever been a rocky terrain for men. While alcohol may make you feel brave, know that it can be a total cop-out since there are chances of your high-spirited proclamation of love getting totally misconstrued. So what do you do? You have a couple of choices her. Either you wait for her to assume your feelings and proclaim love or be a man, walk up to her, hold your breath and lay your heart bare. The best thing about love is that it knows no religion, race or language. Trail down the following love list and pick cues on how to express love to a loved one.
  • You don't always need words to show someone how much you care. Loving gestures like leaving “I love you” notes on the dressing table/shaving mirror, fridge, pillow, bags/wallets, laptop screens and other unusual places can surprise your loved one to the hilt and help kindle affection.
  • Someone rightly said, “Sometimes it's better to put love into hugs than to put it into words.” A warm hug is all it takes to light up that 100-watt smile on one's face. Nothing matches the joy of getting a big goodnight hug or the joy of snuggling up with your beloved on a sofa or a bed.
  • “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height” Nothing expressed love better than heartfelt words penned with utmost affection. However, this doesn't mean you have to try pulling off a Byron or a Shelley all the time. At times, a few meaningful lines written as an ode to your beloved can simply work wonders.
  • When words seem to fail, just a warm caress or a touch of your hand can kindle the passion of love. Just like hugging, the gesture of holding hands is a physical demonstration of unconditional love and support. The next time you are in a restaurant or walking in the park, just hold your partner's hand and see love light up in his/her eyes.
How To Say I Love You In Different Languages
  • Afrikaan - Ek is lief vir jou
  • Albanian - te dua
  • Arabic - Ana Ahebak / Ana Bahibak
  • Armenian - yes kez shat em siroom
  • Bosnian - Ja te volim (formally) or volim-te
  • Bulgarian - Obicham te
  • Burmese - chit pa de
  • Cambodian - Bon sro lanh oon
  • Croatian -LJUBim te
  • Czech - miluji te
  • Danish -Jeg elsker dig
  • Dutch - Ik hou van jou
  • English - I love you
  • Estonian - Ma armastan sind / Mina armastan sind (formal)
  • Filipino - Mahal ka ta
  • Finnish - Minä rakastan sinua
  • French - Je t'aime
  • German - Ich liebe Dich
  • Greek - S'agapw
  • Greenlandic - Asavakit
  • Hawaiian - Aloha wau ia 'oe
  • Hungarian - Szeretlek
  • Icelandic - Eg elska thig
  • Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu
  • Italian - ti amo
  • Indian - Mai tumase pyar karata hun (male to female) Mai tumase pyar karati hun (female to male)
  • Irish - taim i' ngra leat
  • Japanese - Aishiteru Javanese Kulo tresno marang panjenengan (formal
  • Korean - SA LANG HAE / Na No Sa Lan Hei
  • Latin - Ego te amo
  • Latvian - Es mîlu Tevi
  • Lithuanian -As Myliu Tave
  • Lebanese - Bahibak
  • Macedonian - Te sakam
  • Mandarin - Wo Ai Ni
  • Norwegian -Jeg elsker deg
  • Persian - Tora Doost Darem
  • Polish - Kocham Cie
  • Portuguese - Eu te amo (Brazilian)
  • Romanian - Te iubesc
  • Russian - Ya tebya liubliu
When it comes to expressing love to that special someone, just a warm hug or even a small peck on the cheeks says it all. However, if you would like to get a wee more in your display of love, then the above write-up should come handy.

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