Here are some interesting Valentine's Day facts. Read facts about Valentine's Day & Saint Valentine Day facts.

Valentine's Day Facts

14th February is a day when couples around the world celebrate by expressing their love for one another. Commonly represented by gentle lovebirds, peaceful doves and chubby cupids, Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to all the lovers in the world. However, not many of us are aware of its history. This particular day was popularized by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. Some also relate it to Lupercalia, who sanctified the place, giving rise to health and fertility in Rome. However, Valentine's Day has several fables and myths surrounding the origin of its story. There is another tale that traces back to martyrs who secretly married off couples while another states that he was a saint who was locked away in prison for disrespecting the gods but fondly remembered by children. Irrespective of the version, the meaning of Valentine's Day remains the same i.e. the festival of celebrating love. Go through the section below to know some interesting Valentine's Day facts.
  • Valentine's Day has a connection with the term ‘fertility' because even before the birth of St. Valentine on 14 February, birds mated with their partners.
  • 15 February was a lottery day for men in deciding their girl partner.
  • It was during the Middle Ages when girls maintained their belief that the first man they see on the Valentine's Day would be their future spouse!
  • The trend of exchanging cards and gifts started during the 17th century and from then onwards, the sale only increased.
  • The most believable origin of Valentine's Day dates back to the times of the Roman Empire during the reign of Claudius II. Claudius was under the impression that single men turned out to be better soldiers because marriage hinders a man's progress. It was then that he knew of Saint Valentine who was secretly helping young men and women get married. After hearing this, he gave the saint a death sentence. While in jail, Valentine fell in love with the jailor's daughter.  He then wrote her a love note, which ended with the words: "from your valentine".
  • By the end of the 18th century, as an alternative to handwritten letters, came printed cards with the development of technology. Today, the fashion of exchanging beautifully quoted greeting cards and presenting cards as a token of love is very much in vogue. Every year, virtually, one billion cards are exchanged, making it the largest greeting card industry after Christmas cards.
  • Women are more actively involved in buying valentine greetings.
  • There was a belief that if a robin flew above an unmarried woman's head, then it is likely that her wedding knots would get tied with a sailor.
  • In Wales, the trend of gifting love spoons on the Valentine's Day with splendid carvings on it was practiced.
  • In some countries like USA and Canada, Valentine's Day is not just meant for lovers, but it is also a day of friendship when school kids exchange cards among friends and decorate their classrooms.
Hope that these Valentine's Day facts would prove useful to grasp the essence of this lover's day.

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