Here are ideas regarding valentine's traditions in Australia. Read about valentine day customs in Australia.

Valentine's Traditions In Australia

Love, the four letter magical word that gets our head spinning and heart racing, is one feeling that binds people together, irrespective of all differences. It is the king of all emotions, the most wonderful sentiment known to man. It is ubiquitous. It has no nationality, religion, cast, creed or any other discrimination, for that matter. Valentine's Day is a propitious day for the lovers worldwide. Even so, there is nonconformity in the way people observe this occasion all across the globe. In Australia, which happens to be one of the most romantic countries in the world, Valentine's Day is indeed a big thing. The Aussies celebrate this day with great zest. Valentine's Day in Australia, is not just meant for the lovers alone, but is also considered as an occasion to strengthen love and affection between family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Flowers and cards make for the most popular V-day gifts in this part of the globe. Australians celebrate this day with carnivals, theatre festivals, etc. Learn more about the Valentine's Day traditions and customs in Australia in the section below.
  • The Australians love to do everything in style, and love is no exception! Aussies celebrate their V-day with much pomp and warmth. Apart from lavishing their beloveds with gifts and flowers, the Australians mark this day by giving away extravagantly designed Valentine's Day cards to their sweethearts. The tradition of exchanging cards apparently traces back its origin to the gold rush in the Ballarat Mine in Victoria that occurred sometime during the mid-nineteenth century. Due to the surge in the status and wealth of the miners, it became a tradition for them to lavish their beloveds with extravagant cards, intricately designed and beautifully wrapped.
  • Did you know that Australian men are more romantic than their female counterparts? An interesting statistic figure states that 58% of men splurge on buying greetings card everywhere as opposed to a thin percentage of just 41% women.
  • Valentine's Day in Australia is the day of the young hearts. A study reveals that 90% of people aged between 18-24 years celebrate Valentine's Day with much zeal then those aged over 50.
  • In the contemporary times, sending lovey-dovey emails and e-cards have become the trend. The best part about these online cards is that they are hassle-free, easy to send and often leaves you spoilt for choice with their wide range of availability. The Australians apparently happens to be one of the biggest nations that bet on e-media to express their love.
  • Since time immemorial, flowers have been the best means of expressing love, and the Aussies too seem to count a lot on flower power when it comes to showing their sentiments. Just like rest of the world, flowers occupy a central position among V-Day gifts in Australia. So, go ahead and splurge on beautiful February blooms and express your love in a never-before kind of a way.
Valentine's Day in Australia is indeed a big affair. On this day, lovers come together to express the strongest of all emotions - love.