Cabbage Recipes

Our Cabbage Recipes section contains a variety of delectable cabbage recipes. Cabbage is used in soups, salads and a number of other dishes. Cabbage (Band Gobi) is a rich source of Vitamin K . Try our range of easy cabbage recipes.

Andhra Cabbage Curry

Andhara cabbage Curry is a very popular recipe.

Andra cabbage Curry

Andra cabbage Curry is a very popular recipe.

Bacon and Cabbage

Bacon and Cabbage is a delicious recipe.

Baked Cabbage

Baked Cabbage is a delicious dish made of tomatoes, cabbage and spices.

Bandhakopir Ghonto

Bandhakopir Ghonto is a Bengali recipe.

Beer Beef Stew

Beer Beef Stew is a very popular recipe.

Beer Sausage

Beer Sausage is a very popular recipe.


Bigos is a traditional Polish stew, prepared in winters.

Boiled Green Vegetables

Boiled green vegetables are very good for health.

Borscht with Meat

Borscht with Meat is a very popular recipe.

Braised Red Cabbage

Braised Red Cabbage makes a contrasting accompaniment to rich meats and roasted goose, turkey or duck.

Broccoli Cabbage Soup

Broccoli Cabbage Soup is a creamy, nutritious and appetizing soup.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts is a nutritious recipe.

Cabbage And Noodles

Cabbage And Noodles is a sizzling and yummy recipe.

Cabbage Borscht Mennonite Soup

Cabbage Borscht Mennonite Soup is a delicious and easy to make Russian soup.

Cabbage Carrot Curry

Cabbage Carrot Curry is a popular South Indian curry.

Cabbage Kofta Curry

Cabbage Kofta Curry is a very healthy and tasty Assamese kofta curry recipe.

Cabbage Kugel

Cabbage Kugel is a popular Jewish recipe.

Cabbage Lasagna

Cabbage Lasagna is a very popular recipe.

Cabbage Pakoda

Cabbage Pakoda is a very popular recipe.

Cabbage Pakoras

Cabbage Pakoras is a very tasty evening snack.

Cabbage Paratha

Cabbage Paratha is a whole wheat bread made with cabbage and ginger.

Cabbage Pickle

Cabbage Pickle is a temporary pickle.

Cabbage Pie

Cabbage Pie is a very popular recipe.

Cabbage Poriyal

Cabbage Poriyal is a popular dish of southern part of Tamilnadu.

Cabbage Raita

Add Cabbage Raita as a side dish for a healthy meal.

Cabbage Rice

Cabbage Rice is one of the popular South Indian rice recipes.

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls is a very delicious recipe.

Cabbage Salad

Cabbage Salad has a tangy taste due to vinegar.

Cabbage Soup

Cabbage Soup is a very nutritious recipe.

Cabbage Sprouts

Cabbage Sprouts is a delicious and healthy recipe.

Cabbage Thoran

Cabbage Thoran is a very popular recipe.

Cabbage Tomato Curry

Cabbage Tomato Curry is a very popular recipe.

Cabbage Treasure

Cabbage Treasure is a very tasty recipe.

Chicken and Cabbage Soup

Chicken and Cabbage Soup is a very popular recipe.

Chicken Bok Choy

Chicken Bok Choy Recipe is a scrumptous and filling recipe.

Chili Coriander Fried Rice

The spicy Chili Coriander Fried Rice will leave you craving for more, even when you are feeling full.

Chinese Cabbage Salad

Chinese Cabbage Salad is a crunchy salad, with great texture and color.

Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice

Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice is a favorite recipe.

Chinese Vegetable Salad

Chinese Vegetable Salad is a very popular recipe.

Choucroute Garnie

Choucroute Garnie is a mouthwatering, hearty, and filling dish.

Clear Vegetable Soup

The warm and inviting Clear Vegetable Soup is ideal for the winter season.

Clear Vegetable Stock

Clear Vegetable Stock, if prepared in the right way, can be used in a a number of other recipes.


Colcannon is a very popular Irish recipe.

Colourful Parathas

Colourful Parathas is a very popular recipe.

Creamed Cabbage

Creamed Cabbage is a very popular recipe.

Crispy Fried Vegetables

Crispy Fried Vegetables is a crispy and delectable snack.

Danish Cabbage

Danish Cabbage is a simple and easy-to-make recipe.

Fried Cabbage

Fried Cabbage is a very popular recipe.

Fried Cabbage and Egg Noodles

Fried Cabbage and Egg Noodles make a light, wonderful, hearty and quick dish.
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