Summer Recipes

Our Summer Recipes section contains a variety of summer food recipes. Summer food generally includes chillers such as sherbets, punch, cold drinks, salads etc. Try our range of easy summer recipes.

A-Bomb Cocktail

A-Bomb Cocktail is a lip smacking drink recipe.

Aam Ka Panna

Aam Ka Panna is a tasty sherbet that brings relief from the scorching heat of sun.

Aam Ki Chutney

Aam Ki Chutney is a lip smacking and easy to make recipe.

Aam Ki Lassi

Aam Ki Lassi is a chilling and refreshing recipe.

Aam Lassi Slush

Aam Lassi Slush is a refreshing beverage made with curd and mangoes.

Aam Launji

Aam Launji is a tasty tangy mango relish.


Aamras is a tasty sweet recipe.

Aamras With Kesar

Aamras With Kesar is a lip smacking recipe.

Abbey Cocktail

Abbey Cocktail is a great tasting drink.

Absinthe Martini

Absinthe Martini is a tasty drink recipe.

Absolut Salty Dog Cocktail

Absolut Salty Dog Cocktail is a great tasting drink.


Acapulco is a refreshing drink.

African Fruit Slush

African Fruit Slush is a tasty recipe.


Afterglow is a delicious non-alcoholic beverage.

Alabama Slammer

Alabama Slammer is a tasty and refreshing drink.

Alaska Cocktail

Alaska Cocktail is a very popular recipe.

Alaskan Orange

Alaskan Orange is a tasty drink recipe.

All American Cocktail

All American Cocktail is a tasty cocktail drink recipe.

All Nuts Shake

All Nuts Shake is a very energetic and heavy shake.

Almond Amaretto Float

Almond Amaretto Float is a great tasting cocktail.

Almond Cocktail

Almond Cocktail is a great tasting and refreshing drink.

Almond Delight Cocktail

Almond Delight Cocktail is a tasty drink recipe.

Almond Fruit Smoothie

Almond Fruit Smoothie Recipe is a very delicious recipe.

Almond Kulfi

Almond Kulfi is a popular dessert for summers.

Almond Or Cashew Milk

Almond Or Cashew Milk is a very easy to make and tasty recipe.

Almond Soda

Almond Soda is a tasty drink recipe.

Almond Tea

Almond Tea is a very delightful recipe.

Aloha Fruit Punch Recipe

Aloha Fruit punch Recipe is a mocktail recipe that can help you cope with the summer heat.

Aloha Screwdriver

Aloha Screwdriver is a great tasting drink.

Aloo Anardana Chaat

Aloo Anardana Chaat is a delicious fast food recipe.

Aloo Chaat Dilli Style

Aloo Chaat Dilli Style is a delicious and spicy fast food.

Alu Raitha

Alu Raitha is a lip smacking dinner recipe.


Alutua Recipe is a very popular sweet dish.

Amaretto Vodka

Amaretto Vodka is a very delightful recipe.

Amarula Finale

Amarula Finale is a toothsome recipe.

Amber Dream

Amber Dream is a great tasting drink.

Ambrosia Yogurt Fruit Salad

Ambrosia Yogurt Fruit Salad is a yummy recipe.

Amer Chatni

Amer Chatni is a popular tangy-sweet chutney right from the heart of Bengal.

Amer Mishti Achar

Amer Mishti Achar is sweet mango pickle straight from Bengal.

American Fruit Punch

American Fruit Punch is a tasty recipe.

American Rose Cocktail

American Rose Cocktail is a tasty drink recipe.


Amlana is a sweet and tangy cool drink made of tamarind and spices.


Amrakhand is delicious mango dessert that is a sure winner with all mango lovers.

Amras Ki Kadhi

Amras Ki Kadhi is a tasty kadhi with the sweetness of ripe mango.

Anaarkli Bhel

Anaarkli Bhel is a tangy and sour snack recipe.

Angoori Lassi

Angoori Lassi Recipe is a very delicious drink.

Anjeer Ki Chutney

Anjeer Ki Chutney is a tasty fig chutney with a dash of almond.

Appetizing Drink

Appetizing Drink is a healthy and popular recipe.

Apple and Calvados Sorbet

Apple and Calvados Sorbet is a light and fantastic dessert that can be served at dinners and special occasions.

Apple and Celery Root Salad

Apple and Celery Root Salad is a light summer salad with a slight spice.