Study Abroad
Here are FAQs (frequently asked questions) on study abroad and studying overseas.

Study Abroad FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions for the students who want to study abroad:
  • Why should I study abroad?
    As such there is no clear definition why one must study abroad. But through the testimonials of the students who have studied abroad, one can make out very clearly that students become more mature mentally when they study in a different culture and place. The overseas study experience can help them to understand the world better, appreciate the international contributions to knowledge, and learn to cope effectively with an increasingly intercultural environment.
  • What would be the cost?
    The costs of studying abroad vary from country to country. It depends on the living cost of the place one chooses. Generally, programs with equal excellence in developing countries are less expensive than those in developed countries. The Study Abroad costs include tuition fees, housing with meals, transportation charges, travel and excursions, cultural activities and personal expenses.
  • What about the financial aid and scholarships?
    It is possible to get financial aid or scholarships or grants that help the study-abroad-students to afford their studies in the overseas country. By consulting the financial officer or the study abroad consultants of the international programs and doing proper research on this issue, prospective study-abroad students can get the relevant information. According to the academic talents, performances and other related issues, the candidature of the student can be considered for financial aid or scholarships.
  • Is it not possible for me to think of studying abroad, if I do not speak any of the foreign languages?
    'Not knowing a foreign language' is not at all a barrier for you to pursue a study program abroad. There are many programs in many of the countries to teach you the required language, especially in the initial period of the course. You can overcome your language problems in the new environment at the earliest, if you are determined to learn the language with self-interest.