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Browse through this section for information on pre-departure orientation for students going abroad/overseas for their international studies. It should do you quite a lot of good.

Pre-Departure orientation For Students Going Abroad

Departure to study abroad is one of the most awaited moments in a student's life. It's a happy and privileged moment when the respective student witnesses a dream come true. The student will be stepping into a new phase of life and going away from the home country and parents for a considerably long period of time. It becomes a completely self-dependent life. There is no room for being pampered by parents, but only room for being challenged by new responsibilities in a new place. Usually students get confused and nervous during the pre-departure period without being sure about what arrangements are to be done before the scheduled departure and what documents are to be carried along with them. Thankfully, it does not need to be this way.

The rules and regulations vary from one country to another. So, you will have to consider the rules of the destination country and prepare accordingly. Documents play an important role in these trips. They are the voices that speak for you. You are moving away from home and so, there is no margin for error. In many countries, universities and other departments provide pre-departure orientation for students going abroad. This will help you to find answers to most of your doubts. You can also carry out research by yourself or contact experienced people to avail some advice on preparation. As you are crossing the international boundaries, you have to go through a series of formalities, administrative procedures, medical and legal clearance etc. to make the migration smooth and clear. The articles in this section deals with all these confusions and help you to come out of it. Check lists and tips can be of great help when you are looking to ensure that you haven't left behind anything.

Go through the articles in this section to equip yourself with adequate knowledge on how to prepare yourself for an education/degree abroad.

Tips on Travel & Housing Arrangements for Students
An opportunity to study abroad is a privileged chance for student aspirants, but this decision brings a bunch of doubts, questions and confusions along with it. Students get anxious thinking about the new social and economic atmosphere and also about things like accommodation, food, etc. It is hard to stay at ease unless

Pre-Departure General Checklist for Students
Preparations for the most awaited departure are usually a long and busy procedure. You are going to stay far away from your home, which will ensure that you have many things to be taken care of. The process is very complicated since it includes international rules and guidelines. Crossing international borders