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Countrywise International Study Programs

It is the dream of almost all student aspirants to get a chance to study abroad but when it comes down to actually making a decision, the same can be very perplexing. There are numerous educational destinations around the world for you to choose from but you need to think about various factors before taking a decision. Carry out thorough research and collect information from trustworthy resources. Chances to study abroad can be quite an overwhelming experience not only for you as a student, but even your parents. of course, an education abroad is a precious chance that can add great value to your education but at the same time there are some significant things which need serious consideration. The major issues to be checked are:

1. If the university is recognized officially and also if the chosen course is valid globally
2. Housing facilities and overall expenses
3. Social and economic atmosphere of the country
4. Legal formalities associated with migration.

It would pay to remember that the eligibility, legal formalities and other requirements can be different for different countries. You have to be pretty clear about the formalities associated with the country and university you choose. Some countries and universities provide scholarships for students with strong academic background. This ultimately will help reduce financial burden. Some countries like USA, Australia, etc. even ask students to furnish details of funds while applying for a student visa. Thus, the procedures and formalities vary from country to country. So, it is important to be familiar with legal issues to avoid confusions.

The articles in this section are designed to address your doubts and concerns about your plan to study abroad. Country wise details will help you to understand better the formalities that need to be met when looking to study in the destination of your choice.

Study in USA
The United States of America is one of the most preferred academic destinations in the world. The USA is blessed with an exhilarating student-friendly, social and economic backdrop which makes it a much sought-after study destination in the world.

Study in UK
Studying abroad is a wonderful experience - a real life experience in a new world that exposes you to a new culture and traditions. It can teach you a lot more than a text book can. The United Kingdom is one of the most renowned academic destinations in the world.

Study in New Zealand
New Zealand is a scenic island nation blessed with exotic natural beauty. The country has now become a popular academic destination. New Zealand, which is renowned for the hospitality of its people, welcomes international students whole heartedly.

Study in Germany
Germany is a wonderful county to live in and is also a magnificent academic destination. Did you know that 1/10th of the 1.8 million students who leave their country to pursue higher education reach Germany by choice? It has so many things to offer international students.

Study in France
It is a privilege to get educated from a country which boasts to provide world class higher education system with a proud array of prestigious institutions and highly able faculty. France, which is the fourth largest economy of the world, provides all the support

Study in China
People's Republicof China, which is the largest country in the world by area, also holds the world's largest educational system with more than 30 million students enrolled in over 590 institutes for higher studies. The country boasts of having a long history

Study in Canada
Canada is a hot-choice for the student aspirants nowadays. Canadian educational system is famous for its quality and world-wide recognition and so, an academic certificate from a Canadian Institute add value to your profile. The country boasts to hold

Study in Australia
Australia is a wonderful island nation which is reputed for prestigious educational institutions that offer cutting edge education form students all over the world. This dynamic and vibrant country with infrastructure and fantabulous culture is an ideal

Study in Spain
obviously with the first university (University of Salamanca) established way back in 1218, higher education in Spain found its origins in the Middle Ages. Students will see the evidence of the influence of European and Moorish cultures.

Study in Mexico
The opportunity to study abroad is something which is rewarding and worth experiencing. It is a chance to learn life in a broader aspect. It takes you closer to different cultures and exposes different lifestyles. Moreover, it makes you self-dependent. opportunity to study

Study in Italy
Italy has played an important role in European higher education. It is also one of the four countries that were to be engaged in creating the so-called 'European Area of Higher Education' (EHEA). With countries such as Florence, Siena, Sorrento, Rome, Sicily and Milan

Study in Ireland
Ireland is not only country that is noted for its beauty, but also a country that is known for its education system. The education system of Ireland is based on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence. Above all, Ireland is a friendly English speaking country that welcomes students from all over the world.