Study Abroad
Read tips for students going abroad and studying overseas and advice on study abroad programs.

Tips for Students Going Abroad

Studying in any foreign country is an exposure like no other. It is an inspiring experience which can be both intellectually and personally worthwhile. It is very essential to collect all the important information about the country's culture, history, geography, economy, government and current political situation (and local lingo!) before you board you flight. Knowing the language of the destination country is always an added advantage. It helps the students in interacting with the locals and blending in becomes that much easier. This section deals with educating and preparing students for their foreign stays and the following section mentions some basic tips for students going abroad in pursuit of education.

Tips for Students Going overseas
  • If you are going abroad for your higher studies, first check the reputation and placements of the university or institute you choose to pursue your studies.
  • Apply for the passport in time to avoid final moment problems.
  • It is very important to learn about the basic laws and customs of that place. Don't forget to follow them!
  • You must respect the country's customs, manners, rules and laws. For example, dress codes, greeting styles and even traffic rules etc.
  • Read the consular information sheet carefully to be familiar with the travel information about the respective country.
  • Enhance your communication skills and subject knowledge to be prepared to face the visa interviews with confidence.
  • Check all the important information about the university or the institute you are going to join on the internet along with reading the prospectus and talking to the students already there and others planning to join at the same time as you.
  • You can also consult educationists or experts before taking the final decision of choosing your university and/or the country.
  • Also make sure that you get as much information as you can on the various student-funds and merit scholarships available for international students. You can avail these funds and scholarships to meet your expenses if you take a few tests and score well in them.
Living and studying in a foreign country is as difficult as it is exciting. To ensure an enjoyable stay for yourself, be ready to adapt to the culture of your destination country. There are many other things to be considered when going abroad to study and plenty doubts that may creep in the mind of a student. To allay these doubts, here is the guide for students going abroad. Scroll through this section for more on foreign travel for educational purposes.

Cultural Adjustment Tips for Students
Are you planning to go abroad for studies? Then it would be prudent to start preparing yourself to adjust with different cultures, atmospheres, lifestyles and food habits.

Currency Exchange Information
It is necessary to get some basic knowledge related to the currency of the country, where you are going to study. You must be familiar with the new currency and its exchange value which may vary a little, or entirely, from place to place.

Health Tips for Students Studying Abroad
Studying abroad can be an exciting experience for everyone but mainly for those who are thinking of a bright and enlightening future ahead. However, since the environment in foreign countries is generally entirely different from one's native country's,

Orientation Tips for Students Going Abroad
It is very important to do a complete research of the country where you are going to study. Understand every detail of the new country such as its history, culture, language, political structure, economic conditions, education system and social structure.

Part Time Jobs for Students
'Earning while learning' is an encouraging concept available to students in many foreign countries. Studying abroad is not cheap and all of us who aspire to do so may or may not have adequate resources to fund all the requirements that may arise.