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Seasonal fabric choice is very important. Read about cool fabric for summers & warm fabric for winters.

Seasonal Fabric Choice

When it comes to shopping ensemble, due consideration must be given to the fabric. Seasonal Fabric choice determines your comfort level. There is an exquisite assortment of fabrics available in the market like cool fabric for summers, warm fabric for winters and natural fabric etc. Some people are allergic to particular type of fibers like synthetic while there are other kinds that are very skin friendly like cotton. There are seasonal fabrics meant to be attired in particular climatic conditions like woolen fabric is ideal for beating the cold winds.

In summers, the best texture is one that soaks sweat and gives you a cool feeling. Cotton is no doubt the best deal. Extremely light and water resistant, nylon is another good alternative. Linen can also be opted for as it is sheer light, but develops wrinkles very soon. Its not very suitable if you are traveling. If you are looking out for some real cheap pocket friendly stuff, then you can try out polyester. Well when the talk is about easy washing, micro fibers are just apt.

In winters, we crave for heavy fabrics that give us warmth and coziness. There are different types of woolen fabric. Tweed is the type usually attired by elderly men, as it is pretty warm. For obese people, it's a total no. Flannel texture is generally found sailing smoothly on winter men suits. It's just perfect if your keyword is durability. If you want a suit made up of material that is versatile enough and can be worn throughout the year, then try out worsted wool. Some fibers deserve high price owing to their superior quality like hydrophobic synthetic stuff, as it is highly moisture absorbent. So, next time when you go buying a wardrobe for you, take care that the fiber is good and suitable according to season and your body type.