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Check out some shirt tie combos. Read about matching shirt & tie and Suit-tie matching.

Shirt & Tie Combos

For the perfect gentleman look, everything should go hand in hand with the other. The style and coloring of one should blend with the other giving rise to a new classy combination. There can be different shirt and tie combos, but for the perfect tie style, some basic rules of matching shirt and tie should be kept in mind. Some versatile colors among shirts are white, light blue and gray. With these shades, you can attire almost any type of ties. These colors can sail smoothly and gracefully in all occasions, be it a formal business meeting or a cocktail party.

There are some patterns in shirts that look elegant and classy like checks and stripes, but it is difficult to find matching suitable ties. Similar patterns in shirt and tie are not very advisable but still if you wish to attire them, take care that the patterns vary in size. Tie shouldn't be worn because it's looking good, but see if it is also making a good combo with the shirt that you are wearing. While selecting the tie, pay attention to the color and make sure that at least one shade of your tie is the same as your shirt or trouser color.

Three similar patterns do not make sense. Suit and tie matching is of prime importance. If your suit and tie are in check style, then make sure you choose some other patterned shirt because a third check would spoil the whole look. You can go in for a plain light shirt in such a case. Contrast concept works wonders. Dark tie with light shade shirts and light or neutral ties with dark shirts is just perfect pairing. Attiring same color tie or pattern is not a very good idea. Silver gray, black and red are some colors in tie that can go with many shirts. These days some popular styles of ties include faded colors.

Single line ties are very in. A combination of two colors particularly blue-maroon and yellow-blue looks fabulous. If you do not want to look like a salesman then avoid black tie and white shirt pairing. Keep these tips in mind while choosing the right tie for you.