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Here are tips on folding & hanging clothes. Read about how to hang clothes & folding clothes hanger.

Folding & Hanging Clothes

As important is to buy quality clothes, equally vital is its maintenance. Right folding and hanging clothes can help keep up the crease of your attire. Wardrobe folding style and proper way of hanging clothes help retain the luster and crispness of the cloth and the hassles of ironing every time is reduced because of no or less wrinkle development.

Folding hanging guide will bring in light as to how to hang clothes: -
  • Every outfit has special requirements. For hanging blazers, leather jackets etc, you should look out for heavy wooden or plastic clothes folding hangers, that can give your ensemble that extra support to carry off their weight.
  • Store woolen knit wears in drawers.
  • Avoid piling up T-shirts, as they are likely to fall down spoiling the fold and thereby disturbing the crease.
  • Casual wear dressy shirts should be hung properly on padded plastic hangers as they take care of the shape of your attire, maintaining its fold.
  • Don't just keep on placing one shirt over the other; otherwise it is likely that wrinkles might set in.
  • For your trouser, the apt type of hanger is the clamp style that also carries a waistband clip.
  • Pants demand a proper folding style, which is placing both the legs parallel one on the top of the other. While hanging them ensure that there is enough space between different trousers in the cupboard. So, keep these tips in mind for proper maintenance of your clothing and that ways your clothes shelf life will also increase.