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Here are man suit fashion tips. Read about buying man suits and men fashion suit styles.

Buying Man Suits

Man fashion suit is one such wardrobe that can be found in every man's cupboard. This dress can elegantly sail from business meetings to cocktails to wedding parties. Till quite a few years, men used to go in for custom suits that are specially tailored. But now the trend is moving towards ready-made suits. They appear to be a better deal, as they are less expensive and hassle free. There are a variety of haute couture man fashion suit styles flooded in the designer showrooms. Jacket style suits are in vogue.

Buying man suit can be challenging so here are some man suit fashion tips:
  • Out of the diverse range, all are not quality suits. Therefore, it becomes of vital importance to possess knowledge about the fabric.
  • Buy something that goes in accordance with your personal taste. When you'll go shopping a suit, the exotic varieties they'll show you, you're bound to be in dilemma.
  • Jacket can be single or double breast. If you are fit, then double breast is just apt for you. But if you are overweight, then going in for single style jacket that doesn't fold would be a better option. But the latest fashion is of single jackets even among thin people owing to its sleek look.
  • The right collar style is the one that is touching your neck from the back but doesn't encroach upon the shirt collar. There should be a gap of 1 inch between your shirt collar and suit collar.
  • Shoulder pads should stand out stiff to give you the perfect look.
  • The sleeves of the suit must be long enough bedecking your wrist. Your shirt length should be more than that of your suit jacket.
  • Stitching threads should not show on your suit.
  • Always try your suit before buying to see if there is a free movement or not.
  • Jackets come up with different buttons. You can have 2 buttons or 3-4-button jacket but the hottest jacket style is the one with three buttons.
  • As far as slits are concerned, the best option for thinner men is no slit and for the bulky ones, the better option is two slits.
  • As important is the jacket in suit fitting, equally vital is pant. For correct waist size, ensure that there should be at least a space of two fingers.
  • Pleated trousers have always been in fashion but the latest fashion is of flat-front pants. Cuffed trousers are just perfect for taller men. But for shorter ones, it's a no.
Next time you go shopping for the suit, keep these tips in mind and make a conscious decision.