Homemade cards uphold an unusual charm. Here, we have given some great ideas on handmade cards for Father's Day.

Homemade Father's Day Cards

Cards comprise of the most elegant way of expressing your emotions towards a loved one. You can never go wrong with cards, as they are apt solution for any occasion. When it comes to Father's Day celebration, a homemade card will be your best bet. Though you can go to the market and easily pick up a card for your dad, a handmade one will sure prove to be more worthy. The reason is that it would contain a personal touch and make your father feel that you really consider him special. It will tell him about the love you nurture for him. On this Father's Day, go ahead and make your dad feel great with a handmade card. Read this article to get some ideas on homemade Father's Day cards.

Homemade Cards For Father's Day

House Card

Things Required
  • White Card Paper
  • Crayons / Colored Pencils
  • Passport-sized Photos of Family Members
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • First, fold the white card paper into two.
  • With the help of colored pencils or crayons, draw a house on one of the outer sides of the folded paper.
  • Take a scissor and carefully cut the outline of the house
  • Draw small windows, equivalent to the number of family members.
  • Cut out these marked windows, with the help of a craft knife, and place photos of family members in each of these windows.
  • Take different colors of your choice and paint the exterior of the house.
  • Write a sweet Father's Day message inside the card and give it to your dad.
Thumb Bunny Card

Things Required
  • Paintbrush
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Paper Plate
  • Colored Card Stock
  • Black and Pink Markers
  • With the help of a paintbrush, spread a thin layer of paint on the bottom of the paper plate.
  • Press your thumb onto the paper plate, smearing it with paint.
  • Press the thumb on the card, to make the bunny's head.
  • For the ears, use only half of their thumb and make a long, skinny shape.
  • As the paint dries, decorate the face with markers, adding whiskers, eyes, and a nose.
  • Use a marker to write a Father's Day message on the front of the card.
Love You Papa Card

Things Required
  • A piece of Card Paper
  • 3 Photos
  • Crayons / Paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • First, take a piece of light colored card paper, in the shades of pale yellow, pale green or light orange.
  • With the help of a scissor, cut a piece out of it.
  • Next, fold the paper exactly into half and write the word 'DAD' or 'PAPA' on it. The letters should be written in such a way that the alphabets are big enough and there is enough space in the middle of them.
  • Cut the insides of the alphabets and stick photographs of you and your siblings on it, with a good quality adhesive. 
  • Chose some bright colors and paint the alphabets to make them stand out in the card.
  • Jot down a loving message for your dad on the inside, before giving the card to him.