Find out some unique gift items that will take your dad by surprise on Fathers Day. Explore this article to know more on.

Unique Father's Day Gifts

Every year we celebrate the Father's Day and try to show our gratitude towards him. It is celebrated in the same way. In addition, an urge to celebrate it in a different way is always found prevalent in the people. If you think creatively about your dad's wants and needs, you are bound to come up with great ideas for unique gifts for dad. Do not be stereotypical in choosing a gift for your dad. He is the special man in your make life and him feel even more special with an unusual Father's Day gift. Here we present you with a list of some of the unique gift that is going to overwhelm your dad on Fathers Day. Get that special man in your life a creative and innovative gift and watch him smile enthusiastically upon receiving the gift.

Unique Fathers Day Gifts
  • A personalized photo frame or a photo album is an excellent inexpensive gift idea. If you are gifting an album then first fill it with photos of his friends, colleagues and family, making it a treasure trove of memories.
  • If your father loves reading then your task becomes much easier. The only thing that you should do is to find out what he likes to read and some book which he has not yet read. Then gift him that book.
  • A personalized coffee mug can show your love more than a costly watch or a bottle of wine. Go for coffee mugs with quotes like "You Are World Best Dad" or "Dad You Are the Best". A stylish coffee mug with endearing quotes looks elegant on a desk and your dad will be glad with such a gift.
  • If you want the gift to be more personal, then a beautiful shawl, blanket, sweater or overcoat is a good option. Your grandpa will surely love them. A classic cigarette holder and a tobacco pipe are other gift options that you can go for.
  • If you have a pretty large budget then antique pieces can be attractive gifts for your daddy dearest. Your local flea market can be a treasure-trove of antiques, which you can get at throwaway prices, if you really bargain hard. Antique hold the charm of bygone era and your father will really admire the gift. Better go for antique decorative items and statuettes. Other than antiques, paintings and sculptures are also attractive options. 
  • Cufflinks are elegant and they add oodles to the style quotient. If you wish your father to dress up in his regal best then a pair of cufflinks is what you should gift him. If you can go for designer cufflinks then it would be all the more better. Remember in a suit it is the cufflinks that catches the eye.
Other Options
  • Key Rings/Key Chains
  • PC and Console Games
  • Golden Cigar Case
  • Subscription to a Magazine
  • Mouse Mat
  • Retro Cocktail Shaker
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Plants
  • Watch
  • Cruise Ticket
  • Silver and Wooden Bookmarks