Father's Day holds a special meaning for the toddlers as well. In this article, we have provided some popular Fathers Day songs for preschoolers.

Father's Day Songs For Toddlers

Father's Day is celebrated throughout the world every year, though on different dates. It is a festival of cheerfulness and merrymaking, a universal festival for everyone who has a loving and caring dad. Toddlers also love to take active participation in the delightful festival like Father's Day. They may not be able to give gifts or cook something for their father to make him feel special on this day. However, they have their own simple and unique ways of expressing their gratitude and appreciation. The best thing that these little angels can do is learn some Father's Day songs and recite them to their loving daddy, on this special day. We have provided the lyrics of popular Father's Day songs for toddlers, in the lines below. Take a look!

Father's Day Songs for Preschoolers

Daddy Loves Me
(Sung to the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb")

Daddy loves me
Yes he does.
Yes he does.
Yes he does.
Daddy loves me
Yes he does.
He loves me every day.

He gives me hugs and kisses,
kisses, kisses.
He gives me hugs and kisses.
To tell me he loves me.

I love my daddy,
daddy, daddy.
I love my daddy and he loves me too.

Sweetest Dad

My Dad is the sweetest he can be.
He treats me oh so lovingly.

He takes me out and we have fun.
I know he loves me more than a ton!

He spends his precious time with me,
And lets me be all I can be.

I like to share my time with my Dad,
And tell him about the day I had.

He's there when I need him most,
He's the best Dad from coast to coast.

One day when I'm all grown up as can be, He'll still be the #1 Dad to me!

I Love D-a-d
(Sung to the tune of "Bingo")

There is a man who's really nice
And Daddy is his name-o
I love D-a-d
I love D-a-d
I love D-a-d
And Daddy is his name-o

There is a man who plays with me
And Daddy is his name-o
I love D-a-d
I love D-a-d
I love D-a-d
And Daddy is his name-o

There is a man I love a lot
And Daddy is his name-o
I love D-a-d
I love D-a-d
I love D-a-d
And Daddy yes I love you!

Happy Father's Day
(Sung to the tune of "Chesnutts Roasting")

Fathers sitting on a lounge chair
Having fun with his family
When he turns his head
Everyone said
We love YOU!!!!!

Sometimes times may get rough
But then you can count on us
To kiss you
And hug you!!!

Hugs for Daddy
(Sung to the tune of "Ten Little Indians")

One little, two little, three little hugs.
Four little, five little, six little hugs,
Seven little, eight little, nine little hugs,
Ten little hugs for Daddy.

One big, two big, three big hugs,
Four big, five big, six big hugs,
Seven big, eight big, nine big hugs,
Ten big hugs for Daddy

Daddy Daddy
(Sung to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star")

Daddy, daddy let me say
I love you in every way
I love you for all you do
I love you for being you
Daddy, Daddy let me say
Have a happy Father's Day!