Here are the lyrics of a famous Easter poem called 'Easter Holiday.

Easter Holiday

Easter is a preeminent Christian festival celebrated to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day of his death after crucifixion. It is considered as a pivotal event in the Christian calendar and holidays during the Easter Sunday are a time of religious observance. As a great binding factor, this holy and auspicious festival reinforces the collective faith of humans over God. It also serves as a beacon of hope in a world that is becoming increasingly disillusioned and mired in materialism. However, commemorative celebrations for Christ's resurrection also coincide with the onset of the much-awaited season of spring. As a result, the Easter festival also has a large number of activities and events associated with the season change. The ravishing natural beauty of the blossoming flowers and the dulcet songs of joyful birds that accompany Easter also call for some amounts of mirth. And that is why there are fun activities for children such as Easter bunny and Easter egg-hunts. As the true feeling and emotions of any event or celebration are best described through poetry, here are the lyrics of the famous poem 'Easter Holiday' written anonymously that expresses the true essence of Easter.

Easter Holiday

Easter holiday is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ!
Jesus Christ, The Son of God bled and died for us in a sacrifice.

This spring day's celebrated, generally in the month of April.
All of the bright and pretty colors, of the Easter outfits with frill.

Women and children will wear their Easter bonnets.
In the spring, you'll hear the various musical sonnets.

April will bring many rain showers.
That'll bring us various beautiful flowers.

One special flower for this day is the Easter lily.
Its color is white, and yet snowy & milky.

The birds will sing their songs of praise.
As we begin to feel the warmth of the sun's rays.

As we say "Goodbye" to the winter's gloom,
The flowers and trees have already begun to bloom.

All of life's beauty, The Lord created, for us all to share.
Spring breezes begin to flow, sending fragrances through the air.

The winter's thawing will let the rivers, lakes, and streams rise and flow.
The beauty of the Earth will make us all feel aglow!

Farmers and gardeners will start to hoe.
And then they'll begin to sow.

On Sundays, we'll hear the various church bells ring.
Let's be grateful for the LORD, let's rejoice and sing.

If it wasn't for the Lord, we wouldn't have anything!

This poem written in true appreciation of the Lord and his grace gives us a sneak peek into the real Easter spirit and its significance. Being a springtime festival, Easter heralds the birth of new and passing of the dark and the dead. This poem beautifully brings out the real purport of the celebrations while retaining the religious essence of Easter. Take out sometime this Easter and spend some time musing over 'Easter Holiday' that makes for a real worthy read.