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Daphna Edwards Ziman

"My commitment to children is my entire life. Freedom, shelter, health and nourishment are the rights of every child." - Daphna Edwards Ziman

There are very few people who genuinely espouse a cause and actually dare to take up cudgels in support of it. This is because they have a great courage of conviction and are ready to defend their cause at any cost. Their burning passion and grit to challenge the world cannot make them sit pretty till they see through things to their fruition. One of those few people who are indeed cut from a different cloth is Daphna Edwards Ziman. Her beauty is only accentuated by the beauty of the cause she has taken up.

Though there are many causes that Daphna has taken up, the one cause that remains closest to her is the plight of underprivileged children. She is not only concerned about the injustices prevailing in the world, especially in relation to children, but also works towards correcting the same. Being a mother herself to an adopted child, this lady is indeed doing a noble job by adding some spark in the lives of orphan kids, who are deprived of the warm shelter of parenthood.

She has been working constantly and tirelessly to help children everywhere get back their rights. Her passion and commitment towards children seems to stretch beyond the limit of words. She founded the 'Children Uniting Nations' (CUN) in 1966 to bring the issue of child welfare to the forefront and make people, the world over, sit up and notice. She is also the chairperson of ABC LOVE (Adoption Brings Children Love), formed for the purpose of finding orphan children and getting them a place in caring and loving families. One of the most prominent achievements of Daphna has been her success in getting the 'Family Preservation Act' amended. As per the act, abused children, living in homeless shelters, were sent back to their abusive parents, even when foster parents were interested in their care. She went to Washington D.C. and lobbied for an amendment to the law. Finally, she won and it was enacted that the law would permit parents to reunite with their children, but only if it was in the best interests of the child.

The life of Daphna Ziman is very motivating and inspires others to do something for the well-being of society. Daphna even serves on the executive board of 'The Woman's Leadership Forum'. Chaired by Tipper Gore, the forum is devoted towards bringing women into the political arena. With this, it aims at making them a force of change in the areas related to women, children and the community at large. Daphna is not alone in her efforts to make the world a better place to live in. Joining her, in her efforts, is her husband, Richard S. Ziman. In fact, it is along with him only that she supports 'City of Hope', formed for the purpose of providing free medical care to the underprivileged.

For her excellent work, she was awarded with the Aviva "Triumph of the Spirit" award. This mother truly deserves a round of applause for giving a new ray of hope to countless children.