'Dear Mom', although these make for just two words, they really are extremely powerful words. Explore this article to discover the lyrics to a beautiful song that revolves around a mother.

Dear Mom

There are songs on mothers and then there are good songs about mothers. What really differentiates the songs on mothers from the 'good' songs on mothers are the lyrics and the melody. The songs on mothers are made up of average lyrics and average melodies, while the 'good' songs on mothers are made up of exceptional lyrics and melodies that touch the heart. 'Dear Mom' by Melissa Champlion is the perfect example of a good song that is made up of lyrics that are written straight from the heart and a melody that can never disappoint the listener. The lyrics of the song make for a letter of sorts, a letter written by a daughter to her mother. If you just happen to be the kind of daughter who has been too busy for your mother, 'Dear Mom' will is a song that you can relate to like no one else can. Dedicating this song to your mother on a radio station or simply playing out the song for your mother can be a great way of saying you care.

Dear Mom - Melissa Champlion
Dear Mom, I hope this letter finds you well
I've been so busy, and there's so much to tell.
The baby's gotten so big and I wish you were here to see
And to share those special moments that you had with me.

All those Christmas trees, and the scraped up knees
School books and toys, and life's little joys.
They'll soon start over again, with our new little friend
But I wish you were here to see, him grow with me, dear mom.

Today the baby turned one.
You should've seen his face, with the candle on the cake.
And last week he took his first step on his tippy toes,
He smiled with great joy, we said, "What a big boy!"... Dear mom

Time has come and I must go, you're in my thoughts a lot you know,
I'll be sure to write again.
Just to let you know, how much I miss you so, I'll be in touch, Dear mom.