Have you been the kind of kid who has always troubled your mom, but loved her just the same? Navigate through this article to discover the lyrics to a fun mother-kid song.

I Drive My Mommy Crazy

A kid will always be a kid. This is something that every mother knows. Picture this: A mother sends her kid to play, he plays, makes a mess out of himself and returns back home. Without a murmur, the mother sends the kid off for a bath and helps him dry up after the same. She then gives him a clean pair of pants and a fresh shirt to wear. The kid puts his clothes on, but in a matter of no time, he is rolling in the mud with the pup and is a mess, all over again. Now, does the turn of these events sound familiar to you? Of course they do, because you might have just been the kind of a kid who did the same thing to your mom. If you were the kind of kid who drew your mom up against the wall, but loved her just the same, there is a song that helps describe such a powerful mother-kid relationship. This song goes by the name 'I Drive My Mommy Crazy' and was performed by Gary Rosen. It just happens to be the perfect song to dedicate to your mom, if you have been the most troublesome of kids.

Please find below the lyrics to the song titled 'I Drive My Mommy Crazy' by Gary Rosen.

I Drive My Mommy Crazy - Gary Rosen
I drive my mommy crazy, 'cause I'm two I drive my mommy crazy, yes I do I drive my mommy crazy, 'cause I'm two I drive my mommy crazy, boo hoo hoo.
My toes sit on the table when Mom says, "Time to eat."
My fork and spoon are drumsticks.
I pound a jungle beat.
"I want some milk with dinner. I'll do it. Let me pour.
"I tip the carton over.
"There's a river on the floor!" "Oh-oh!

Today's a new adventure. I do things by myself
I climb up on the counter to reach the highest shelf
I hold him with my fingers; take the top off honey bear
He's upside down. I squeeze him.
All the honey's everywhere! "Umm, good."

I go play in my sandbox, a pile of dirt I dug
I carry in a handful and dump it on the rug
My Mom says, "Be a helper, pick up the living room.
"I love to clean the mess up.
Hear the vacuum go zoom zoom."

I scare the check out person at the grocery store.
"I am the king of beasties." I growl a lion's roar.
Now I am an airplane. Jump out the shopping cart.
"Of Mom, watch this. I'm flying'.
I'm just kidding! (gasp) "Oh my heart!"

I drive my mommy crazy, 'cause I'm two
I drive my mommy crazy, yes I do
I drive my mommy crazy, 'cause I'm two
I drive my Mommy, Mom I love you!