To the English, mother's day is an extremely important day. Read your way through this article to know how the English celebrate mother's day.

Mother's Day Traditions In England

Mother's day in England is a day set aside from the rest to honor and let mothers know that they are loved. It's not every day that an English mother gets to know that she is loved and wanted in her very own household, so why not make her feel special on at least one day of the year. Everyone likes to feel special and mothers are just no exception to this preference. The English have their own way of celebrating Mother's Day and it mostly revolves around food. Dishes that are not usually made on other days of the year are put together on mother's day. Take the time to read on to find for yourself details on how England as a country celebrates mother's day!

Here's helping you take a closer look at the traditions associated with mother's day in England:

Initially, mother's day celebrations in Britain were meant to honor the mothers of England. However, as the influence of Christianity began to spread all over Europe, the very essence of mother's day changed. The spotlight shifted from mothers to the Church. It became a day set aside to honor the mother church, as opposed to honoring mothers. Thankfully, things have been changing in contemporary times, with the blending of the concepts of honoring both mothers and the mother church.

As a part of mother's day customs in the UK, employers temporarily relieve their domestic maids from their services, so that they can go back home to their mothers on this very special day. Don't you think that this makes for a very nice gesture? In any case, it only goes on to show how important the English think their mothers are to them.

Mothers' day in the UK is also known as 'Mothering Sunday'. The delectable Simnel cake is almost always prepared on mother's day in most English households. Now, the Simnel cake is the kind of cake you just can't take one bite of, more and more is what you may need most.

Mother's day is a 'refreshment day' of sorts for the people of Britain. On this day, the entire family sits together and relishes yummy carlings-pancakes and other such treats.

Churches in England on mother's day give flowers to little kids. The kids, being the darlings that they are, then pass on the flowers to their mothers as tokens of appreciation for all the love and care they receive from them.