Here are a couple of valentines love messages. Read about romantic valentine's text message.

Valentine's Love Messages

Valentine's Day is a day dedicated exclusively to the lovers - not that other days are anything less? It just so happens to be that Valentine's Day is a day that is a little extra-special than other days in the calendar. This is mostly because of the heart touching story of St. Valentine that Valentine's Day owes its existence to. You probably must be aware of the legendary story. Never mind if you lack love in your life or have excess of it, Valentine's Day is important day in your life. It's the day set aside by lovers to celebrate what the world loves - love. Yes, 'love', that amazing feeling which no other feeling can replace. If you are looking for something, a message perhaps, to send to your loved one, you have arrived at the right place. If you are not very clear about the kind of message you would like to write for your sweetheart, then check out the following romantic valentine's love messages and impress your sweetheart with a few mushy, cute text messages.
  • If you ask me, there's nothing in this world that can ever do, what a simple touch of your hand can do, that feeling, it's really like something I never knew. If I were to be honest, I love you, I really do.
  • You call me just like the moon calls the tide, you love me from the outside and the inside, you are everything need, so much better than war and unbiased greed. Knock on the door, like you have never before, and step by step, we will make it safe to yonder shore!
  • There's something that I've wanted to tell you for quite some time now and what better time than now! So here goes; when the fiery sun goes down, and all of those nights grow colder, you can count on me, I will be right there, looking over your shoulder. In the end, when all the masks are stripped, the deeper the love, the stronger the emotion, the deeper the devotion, the stronger the connection!
  • With the sound of your voice, my day is instantly brightened. Like the sun repels darkness, your voice defeats my sadness. You are a bag of joy, a generous dose of laughter and an unending supply of love. You mean the world to me, with you my pain and sorrow are set free, I really am blessed when God sent you here for me.
  • Thank you for the love, and this I do under the heavens above. Through the darkest of tunnels, you were the brightest of lights, through the longest of nights, you were the most eternal of lights. I'd like to let you know that you mean the world to me, for living in a world without you, is like living in no world at all.
  • Of studies made from a long and lonesome winter, of a brilliant summer long ago, and visions that used to shimmer, now help as love safely rises from the snow. That's poetry for you, solely dedicated to you and this is me, all for you.
Message, write or just coo these romantic love messages to your loved ones and they are likely to come after you begging for more.