Malabar Recipes

Malabar Recipes

Our Malabar Recipes section contains recipes of traditional Malabar cuisine. Malabar cuisine is noted for its variety of pancakes and steamed rice cakes made from pounded rice. Malabar food is generally mildly flavored and gently cooked. Some of the popular Malabar dishes are Thoran, Appam, Avial etc. Try our delectable Malabar recipes

Banana Chips

Banana Chips is a popular snack, high in saturated fat content.


Uttapam is a very delicious South Indian recipe.

Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo is a popular Malabar sweet.

Prawn Biryani

Prawn Biryani is a delicious Malabar recipe.


Appam is a popular breakfast recipe of Kerala.

Spicy Prawn

Spicy Prawn is a piquant Malabar recipe.

Fish Curry with Coconut

Fish Curry with Coconut is a tangy South Indian dish.

Ada Pradhaman

Ada Pradhaman is a mouthwatering Malabar recipe.

Banana Halwa

Banana Halwa is a very popular recipe.


Avial is a delicious dish of Kerala, usually served on Onam.

Malabari Fish Curry

Malabari Fish Curry is a popular non-vegetarian recipe, offering tempting flavor to the taste buds.

Prawn Pulav

Prawn Pulav is a delightful recipe.

Brinjal Prawn Curry

Brinjal Prawn Curry is a delightful Malabar recipe.

Prawn Kebab

Prawn Kebab is a delicious Malabar recipe.

Suji Laddu

Suji Laddu is a quick and easy to cook sweet.

Kothu Porotta

Kothu Porotta is a very popular South Indian recipe.

Coconut Prawn Gravy

Coconut Prawn Gravy is a tasty Malabar recipe.

Masala Lobster

Masala Lobster is a hot seafood recipe.

Prawn Tikka

Prawn Tikka is a Malabar appetizer recipe.

Fish Pickle

Fish Pickle can be stored in a refrigerator for two weeks.

Malabar Biriyani

Malabar Biriyani is a very tasty kerala recipe.

Milagu Curry

Milagu Curry is a very popular recipe.

Mango Pulisheri

Mango Pulisheri is a yummy recipe usually prepared on Onam.

Spinach and Potato Fry

Spinach and Potato Fry can be rustled up in no time.

Egg Stuffed With Veggies

Egg Stuffed With Veggies serves as a delicious appetizer.
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