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You may be wondering what it takes to prepare for a GMAT test. This article provides you with tips on how exactly to prepare for the GMAT test.

GMAT Preparation

Business courses are the most sought after courses nowadays. Almost all business study aspirants wish to graduate from leading B-schools and hence there are a huge number of applicants who look forward to study in leading B-schools, only making the competition that much more tougher. So, if you are certain about your career path, it's time for you to take on the GMAT test because most business schools consider a candidate's GMAT score before taking in him/her. GMAT is a computer-adaptive standardized test which has a fixed pattern. The scores obtained in the test plays a vital role in helping you fulfill your dreams. GMAT is conducted worldwide and hence you will have to compete with applicants all over the world. The exam, by no means, is an easy exam. However, like all other examinations, preparation is the one and only thing that can help you to crack down this challenge. GMAT examinations have a fixed pattern. Systematic preparation based on the pattern will help you to gain high scores.Scroll down to know more about preparing for the GMAT test.

GMAT Test Preparation

Tips For Preparation
  • GMAT tests are conducted round the year, five days a week (Monday – Friday). You can take the test whenever you want but for preparation to be effective it is always better that you have a fixed date and prepare within a specific time frame. This will give you reference time to schedule your preparation.
  • Check the pattern of the GMAT test and determine you strategy; would you want to study on your own or would you want to attend classes? once you are ready with the strategy, calculate the average time required for the preparation and then fix a date to take up the test.
  • Carry out thorough research on GMAT as a whole. Learn about the subjects in the test and also about the number of questions and general pattern of questions.
  • Ensure that you start your preparation well in advance. Divide and allot time for GMAT preparations or just take up classes at a reputable institution.
  • Determine your weak areas and allot more time towards strengthening those weak areas.
  • organize group studies, do this only if possible. This will help you derive new inputs and insights.
  • Practice mathematics regularly to increase speed and accuracy. Remember, you have only less than two minutes to solve a problem and hence it is important that you practice hard to derive accurate answers within a matter of seconds.
  • Read extensively. This will help you perform well in the verbal section.
  • Avail previous years question papers and find out commonly asked formulas and problems in the quantitative section and list them out. Stress on these problems while practicing mathematics.
  • Books are great teachers. Books like 'General Reasoning and Reading Comprehension', 'The official Guide to GMAT', etc. will help you when you prepare for the GMA test.
  • There are computer programs that are nothing but inexpensive ways to prepare for the GMAT. These programs focus on lessons and also provide questions to track your improvements.
  • online tuitions are also available for GMAT aspirants. online teachers can help you clear your doubts and provide you with tips on how to succeed.
  • Attempt as many practice tests as possible. This will help you keep a track of time too. Time management is extremely important. This will also help you get familiar with the pattern of questions as well.
Things To Remember While Attempting The Test

Problem Solving
  • Always use shortcuts while attempting problems. It will help you to get to the correct answer within a matter of seconds
  • Use pencil and paper for calculations that are long and confusing, mentally work out the ones that are not.
Data Insufficiency
  • Data sufficiency does not require pen and paper to solve the questions. So, if you find yourself using a pen and a paper to derive answers, then you are definitely on the wrong track
Critical Reasoning
  • If you are finding it difficult to identify the argument's conclusion, search for words like 'as a result', 'consequently' 'therefore', etc. Conclusions are usually preceded by such words.
  • Do not consider superfluous sentences. These would just be irrelevant to the argument. Remember to avoid these sentences while preparing your answers.
Reading Comprehension
  • It is better to go through the questions before reading the passage. By doing so, you can identify the answers while reading the passage and thereby save time. However, don't ever confirm your response before going through the entire passage.
  • Don't waste your time by dwelling on minute details like dates, examples, etc. It won't really do you much good.
Hope these tips provided you with an idea on how to prepare for the GMAT test and also about the things to keep in mind while attempting the GMAT test. All the very best to you.