Study Abroad
This article provides parents with preparation tips. Make use of these pre-departure tips for parents to stay cool while sending your child abroad.

Preparation Tips for Parents Before Departure of Student

The opportunity to study abroad can be an overwhelming experience for your child, but for parents it can also be a great matter of concern. As a parent you might be concerned about the food, accommodation, facilities, climate, social and cultural differences, etc. However, all of these are not valid excuses to let a golden opportunity slip from your hand. It is quite understandable that you experience great stress and anxiety over the life of your child abroad. In spite of all excitement and happiness about this opportunity, your child may also be going through similar mental and emotional conditions. So, it's your duty to support your child morally and emotionally and prepare him/her for a confident life abroad. Anxiety and stress will not provide solutions. So, overcome these impediments and find solutions to your doubts.Here are some tips that can help parents to stay cool and prepare for the departure of their children.

Advice For Parents Before Departure of Students

What You Have To Do
  • The primary issues concerning the opportunity to study abroad will revolve around where to stay, how to adjust with a new atmosphere and what are the costs involved? Well, all these doubts can be cleared by career counseling centers operating throughout the length and breadth of the country.The internet can also provide you with all necessary information. Banks and other financial institutions offer loans that provide students with total coverage of educational requirements. So, this closes the primary matter of concern.
  • Getting sick far from home is formidable both for the child and for parents. So, in order to avoid this, equip your child with proper vaccination after consulting a physician who specializes in travel medicine. The ideal period to visit the physician is six weeks before travel. So with that, the second problem is addressed.
  • Visa and paperwork issues come in next. Make sure that all the necessary paper works, your passport, visa and insurance documents are ready at least weeks before the scheduled travel date. or else, there are chances of struggling in the last minute.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is to ensure regular contact with your child. Always make sure that you are in touch with your son or daughter. Free Skype calls, social networking and cell phones can be used for this purpose. Make sure that your child is provided with several contact options. Communicating about health and safety are as important as anything can be.
  • Educate yourself on the social and cultural background of the destined country and make sure that your child also understands the same. It is very important to avoid a possible cultural shock that your child may have to go through
  • It is important that you prepare your child to be self-sufficient – always be a guide to him/her rather than being a supervisor. It would be better to talk with other parents whose children pursued education abroad. This would help you to understand the basics that need to be kept in mind.
  • Provide your child with some extra copies of recent photographs and also photocopies of all important documents.
  • Ensure that your child's account is transparent and free of charges. This is important to provide essential financial assistance to your child while staying abroad. You cannot take chances with this one.
  • Ensure that your child carries all medical records and prescriptions along with him/her. This is important for doctors to learn his/her medical history in case of any medical requirements.
Discussions Really Work
  • Now, while moving on to moral issues like alcohol consumption, there are chances that your child may take advantage of the new found freedom of being away from you. So, it would be better to have open discussions with your child about health issues and legal problems of alcohol consumption. It is always better to talk about such issues instead of aimlessly laying down ground rules.
  • Food is a great matter of concern. However, if your child is going to be in a particular place for a considerable stretch of time, there is no other way, but to adapt to new food habits. Basic knowledge about pasteurization and other techniques will help your child be sure of the quality of food.
  • It is good to have a discussion on social, financial and academic responsibilities. Let your child know what you expect from him/her. This will serve as unwritten guidelines or do's and don'ts when in the foreign country.
  • Safety is the primary cause for concern, always and every time. Advice your child to stick to the recommended safety measures and emergency procedures as per the rules and regulations of the country.
  • Guide and help your child to make use of scholarships and other financial assistance that can help him/her to meet expenses with ease.
Above mentioned are some important tips for parents. These tips if followed will help parents prepare for the departure of their children.