Study Abroad
It is good to refer a pre-departure general checklist for students before making a final knot on your baggage. This article is written to provide a pre-departure orientation for students going abroad. Check it out!

Pre-Departure General Checklist for Students Going Abroad

Preparations for the most awaited departure are usually a long and busy procedure. You are going to stay far away from your home, which will ensure that you have many things to be taken care of. The process is very complicated since it includes international rules and guidelines. Crossing international borders is really no walk in the park.You may have to collect all necessary documents for the university as well as travel purposes, and also buy everything that you may think you may need. With all these complex set of things, there are chances that you may leave behind some important things as a result of getting confused with what all things are packed and what are not. The best way to avoid this difficulty is to prepare a pre-departure checklist. Categorize things into different subheadings like university papers, travel documents etc. and this will make things easier to follow andalso help you to make sure that you have not missed out any important documents. Given below is a pre departure check list. Make use of it while preparing for your departure.

Pre-Departure General Checklist For Students

University Paper Work
  • Ensure that you have university admit card that specifies the joining date, student roll number, etc.
  • Maintain hard copies of fees receipt and other pay slips if any.
  • Read the joining instructions of the university carefully. This may contain some important instructions and list of documents to be produced.
  • Take the copies of all your academic certificates along with you.
  • Some universities provide their ID cards much before the date of joining. Check whether it is issued and if so, don't forget to take that. This is really as important as anything can get.
Travel Documents
  • Check the expiry date of your passport and renew it if necessary. Carry a photo copy of the passport with you.
  • Your visa should be ready and so should be the photocopy of this document as well.
  • Ensure that you have taken a medical fitness certificate to prove that you are free from communicable diseases.
  • Carry the details of your travel insurance along with a photo copy. This is necessary to make use of insurance benefits without any delay.
  • International travel rules will not allow you to carry luggage that weighs more than a specified weight. This may vary from one country to another. So, weigh your baggage to ensure that it weighs just as much as it should.
  • Take your driver's license or any other valid document that helps identify you. These documents may be needed to prove your identity.
  • Label your luggage with complete contact details – name, address and phone number.
Health Documents
  • Ensure that you have taken all necessary vaccinations. Get a vaccination certificate and carry it with you, along with the photo copy of the same.
  • Take your medical history along with you. This will be of great use in case, if the need to visit a doctor abroad arises. Also try taking along prescriptions and other medical test results if any.
  • Identify your blood group and try carrying the blood group id with you.
  • It is better to take health insurance policies and if you have a policy remember to carry the details along with you.
Documents Related To Money And Banking
  • It would pay to always have a personal bank statement with you to make use of information on funds available.
  • Remember to carry your credit cards with you. It will be great if you canyou're your hands on international credit cards.
  • Always try using traveler'scheques, rather than carrying liquid money with you.
  • Remember to keep the details of personal and baggage insurance policies with you.
other Documents
  • Keep the contact address of your accommodation arranged at the destined county to avoid any confusion.
  • Have a copy of the rent agreement and other valid documents on you.
  • Keep an international call card along with you to make cheaper options to keep in touch with your family.
  • All possible details of contacts are needed. Ensure that you have plenty of alternatives.
  • Carry along with you copies of passport size photographs; you may need the same for legal and admission procedures.
General Luggage
  • Ensure that you have the right clothes to battle the change of seasons.
  • Remember to carry your medicine; that is if you have been asked to do so by a doctor.
  • There is no need to carry toiletries since the same is available everywhere, but if you are so particular about your brands, you can pack a few soaps, deodorants, lotions, etc.
  • Bath towels, skin lotions, sunglasses, laptop, mobile chargers, etc. make for items that you can carry with you.
Now that you've gone through a complete check list of all necessary things, remember to cross-check your baggage with the checklist before starting off to the airport.