Study Abroad
Adult Study programs for 55+ are special programs designed for students belonging to a particular age group. Read on and get enlightened!

Adult Study Abroad Programs for 55+

A study abroad program gives you the opportunity to learn something new, gather knowledge, pick up a skill or make a dream come true. This can happen by travelling through foreign lands and meeting interesting people. If you feel like you have missed out on a chance to study abroad during high school or college then remember that life always gives you a second chance! Currently, there are special study abroad programs available to adults in their late fifties. It is mostly travel or activity based. Now, this could be a task for those aged above 55 because of culture shocks and the feelings of loneliness. But whether you want to learn a new language, do a Master's course or even a Ph. D/doctorate then you have stumbled upon the correct article. We have all the information that you require.

overseas Education Programs for 55+
  • If you are 55+ and are interested in a program that is best suited to your needs then customize the search based on your goals and future requirements. Most of the international programs, such as business studies, are language specific. Decide whether you have the time, financial backup and keenness to learn a new language. It is preferable that you look into programs which do not require any interning or volunteering.
  • Study-abroad programs are available in traditional academic year and semester formats. Additionally, there are summer programs which can range from a week to a month long. Programs are classified as fall, spring, winter or a summer, depending on the season. There are other courses called 'Adult International Volunteer Programs' which gives you an added advantage of learning while extending your help to complete strangers in foreign shores. The main focus of such programs is on education, health care or health development.
  • After deciding on the course and the college, finding accommodation is the next area of concern. Some of these even help in connecting you with families living near the university but it is advisable that you investigate housing arrangements (independent flats) by yourself, if you're confident in your language abilities. However, stick to recommendations from supervisors in case of a language barrier.
  • If you are taking up a professionally oriented course then go to classes regularly and learn the requirements and the expectations beforehand. If you want to get college credit for your classes then you may have to put in an extra effort by writing additional papers, giving presentations and being attentive in class!
  • Participating in a long-term study abroad program for adults may get monotonous. Hence, it is vital that you find opportunities which suit your hobbies and interests whether it means playing in an orchestra ensemble or sport. The key is to get involved and introduce yourself to other participants and consequently widening your social network. This banishes any experiences of culture shock and helps you make friends. You may also meet contacts for employment abroad.
  • The adult study abroad programs usually comprise of excursions with special care, lectures and activities to rejuvenate the mind. It can get innovative and creative. Retired individuals, who want to experience a Christmas celebration in a Western country or take up traditional painting in an Asian country, can take up these types of programs too.
Remember to conduct a thorough research before deciding on one program that suits your needs perfectly.