Here are ideas as to how to go about celebrating Easter Sunday 2013. Read about Easter holiday.

Happy Easter

Easter festival arrives during the spring season and is one of the most important religious holidays celebrated among Christians. It is observed to honor the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. There are innumerable legends associated with Easter Day and some say that the very name Easter has been derived from the Scandinavian word, "Ostra" and Teutonic word "Ostern" or "Eastre," and both represent goddess that are symbols of fertility and spring. Read further to explore more about as to how to go about celebrating Easter holiday...

Well Easter date is not a fixed one and keeps on fluctuating and can occur in March or April. As per the religious customs, Easter is observed on the first Sunday after the full moon night in the spring season. When the talk is about traditional symbols of Easter, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs occupy the supreme positions. Easter rabbits signify fertility and beautifully painted Easter eggs remind us of spring season. Other symbols encompasses of Easter lilies, lamb, hot cross buns, Easter candles, bells etc.