The revered festival of Christmas infuses love, caring and brotherhood among one and all. Check out all about Christmas in this segment.


Marked as the most sacred and significant festival of the Christians, the holy occasion of Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year. This religious festival commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, a spiritual leader whose teachings form the basis of Christianity, at Bethlehem. It is celebrated with immense joy, faith and enthusiasm round the globe. Despite being a holiday of the Christians, it is now popularly being observed by an increasing number of non-Christians worldwide. The term 'Christmas' comes from 'Cristes Maesse' or 'Christ's Mass'. Apart from the popular Christmas, this religious holiday has several names to its credit since history, some of them being 'midwinter', 'nativity', 'noel', and 'geola'.

The occasion forms a major part of the Christmas and holiday season, commemorated at the end of every year. It is but obvious to find people getting engaged in the festive preparations months before the arrival of this highly pious religious occasion. It is a public holiday in most countries, including those having a non-Christian population in majority. Celebrations for the festival are a week-long affair, beginning on Christmas and continuing till New Year's Day. Exchanging gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, attending church masses, preparing festive meals, singing Christmas songs, and organizing get-togethers with family and friends are some common customs followed in every part of the world. Besides, the major attractions include Christmas cakes, Christmas carols, and the jolly old man called Santa Claus, a fairy-tale character who is believed to bring gifts for children.

Various traditions are followed to celebrate the festival of Christmas. While various new customs have cropped up, people still find solace in observing the holiday with age-old customs. The large spruce tree known as Christmas tree, festooned with colorful lights, tinsels, charms and trinkets, adds a special spark to every household. Auspicious mistletoe, lights and Nativity scenes are used to decorate the houses. One can find the markets and shopping complexes jam-packed with assorted Christmas gifts, decorative items, and festive delights to attract every passer-by. The Christmas fiestas constitute merry-making as the most significant element. To escalate the entire holiday mood, multiple firework shows are held.

The year's greatest and grandest feast is prepared on Christmas Day. With drinks and music serving as appetizers, a luxurious feast follows as the main course. Delicacies made from beef, roasted duck, plum porridge, bowls of wassail, pigs, meat pies, and toast are the major highlights. For desserts, a heavy boiled pudding made with dried fruit and flour is served. While customary traditions are kept intact, people do not leave any stone unturned in taking the celebrations to a new level. Hence, special festive parties are organized at pubs, party halls, discotheques, restaurants, and beaches. Nevertheless, leaving aside all the lavish celebrations, some people love visiting their native homes to be with their near and dear ones and indulge in family gatherings. With this section, discover more about this holy holiday! Come, let's take the Christmas celebrations to a new high!