Here are ideas about the day specially meant for mothers. Read about mother's day celebration.

Mother's Day in simple terms can be defined as the day dedicated to mothers. It is a special day, which is basically meant to thank mother for all that she has done for her child. Her tenderly touch, the precious tears that she sheds for her baby, her worries about the child's future, her endless love, all this is truly valuable and has no comparison. She stands by her child's side, making him/her feel that he/she is not alone in this world. Read further to know about Mother's Day celebration...

The date of Mother's Day celebration differs from country to country, owing to its distinctive origins. This is one of the largest card-selling holidays, celebrated all over the world. It is on this day, children present beautiful bouquet of flowers and gifts basket to their mother, expressing her, how special and precious she is for them. Basically, this concept of Mother's Day celebration can be attributed to the western world, which has spread its influence all over. In majority of places in East Asia, this holiday is commercialized on a large scale.