Christmas angels are a part of Christmas celebrations. There are many legends that relate to the Christmas angels. Read this article to know more about the origin and significance of Christmas angels.

Legend Of Christmas Angels

We decorate the Christmas tree in the most exquisite manner, and usually, decorating Christmas trees is one that requires quite a bit of zeal, passion and anticipation. The Christmas trees are embellished with wreaths, colorful curios, stars, candy canes, Christmas figures, bells and most importantly, the trees are adorned with angels on the top. The presence of the Christmas angel makes the tree look even more divine. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees with Christmas angels has been in practice for centuries. Angels form an important part of Christmas legends. Immortal in nature and virtuous in every way, these creatures are blessed with a pair of wings and a halo over their heads. Angels act as an intermediary between God and people. There are many stories that relate to the legend of the angels, who played a significant role in the birth of Jesus Christ. Like all other Christmas stories, the legend of Christmas angels arouses the spirit of Christmas in those who want to believe in the fables. Go through this article to learn more about the legend of Christmas angels.

Origin And Significance

One of the most popular legends of Christmas angels is about a story that revolves around two angel friends. One of the two angels wore pink robes and the other wore blue robes. These angels were known for singing lovely duets and praised the glory of God. They also played trumpets made from pure silver that were believed to be the most melodious sounds ever heard by man. The angels, who were popular for their musical talents, led and conducted the orchestra for many angels, several times. One day, 'Temira', their orchestra lead, shared wonderful news to the members of the angelic orchestra. He said that God decided to send his 'Son' to live among 'His' people. On hearing this news, the angels were overjoyed. The cherubs decided to prepare a musical event for the most important occasion in history. The musical event was expected to be flawless and only angels with the best voices were chosen to sing. 'Temira', the orchestra leader, questioned his orchestra whether they knew what to do and for what purpose they sang. The angel, dressed in pink, answered by saying that the 'Lord' wanted the angels to show themselves to the shepherds, who lived in the hills of Bethlehem, and also added that the shepherds might be afraid because would have never witnessed angels in their lives. The angel in blue, added to what the pink angel had to say, by saying that the angels could remove the fear of the shepherds by singing and declaring the arrival of the 'savior' on human lands. On hearing the answers of both the angels, Temira smiled and nodded.

On the day of Jesus Christ's birth, the Christmas angels set out to meet the shepherds. A number of angels appeared in front of the shepherds and played few notes to rejoice the birth of baby Jesus. The shepherds were awestruck. Never were they confronted by divine beings in their life. This was a first. The shepherds were amazed with this sudden appearance and their hearts were filled with humility and love for God. The angels sang praises for God and spread happiness all around. With their angelic voices they spoke the words - "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men".

Another Christmas story that relates to angels, states that 'Gabriel', the archangel of revelation, told Mary that she was chosen to become the mother of Jesus Christ. It is believed that God sent his angels to watch over 'Mary' and 'Joseph' on their way to Bethlehem.

Angels are regarded as messengers of God and are believed to serve as an intermediary between 'Man' and God. The wings of angels signify innocence and purity. Angels are regarded as divine, immortal beings that spread happiness and peace. Small children are told stories about the divinity of angels and their significance. Today, during the 'Nativity scenes', Christmas angels are depicted as singing and playing musical instruments to the shepherds. Christmas angels are hung on Christmas trees for a more divine ambience.

Angels are not just another adornment placed on a Christmas tree or the walls of your house. The legend of Christmas angels states that these celestial beings played a vital role in welcoming the birth of Jesus Christ. The tradition of hanging Christmas angels on Christmas trees is a longstanding custom that has been followed for years and will be followed for years to come.