Christmas is celebrated to honor and mark the birth of Jesus Christ, although many of us do not know the story of baby Jesus. Read on to learn about the legend of the Christ child.

Legend Of The Christ Child

Christmas is one of the biggest festivals celebrated all over the world. Every year on December 25, we celebrate Christmas with great display, panache and spectacle. The timeless conventions of decorating trees with knick-knacks, singing carols, preparing delicious feasts, and attending mass at Church are inherent through the years. Most of us forget the true meaning of Christmas and only focus on the festivities associated with the festival. That Christmas is the time to remember and praise Jesus Christ for all his love and sacrifices, is forgotten by many. Several stories are associated with the Christ child that has established the significance of limitless Christmas celebrations. The legend of the Christ child is still not known to many. The Christ child portrays Jesus Christ from infancy to 12 years of age. Even as a child, Jesus Christ was able to perform miracles. Christmas celebrations will be understood with clarity when one will realize the glories of Jesus Christ. Here is a legend of the Christ child that will awaken the spirit of Christmas in you.

Story Of Baby Jesus

The Birth Of Jesus
This is one of the most popular stories associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. Joseph and Mary lived in the village of 'Nazareth'. Joseph was a carpenter and Mary was a young woman, who was soon to be Joseph's wife. One night, Mary dreamt of an angel, who told her that she was chosen to bear the Son of God, called Jesus. She narrated her dream to her future husband, Joseph.

One day, the emperor sent a notice to all the people, asking them to register for a new tax system. This notice also carried a command, informing the people that they were supposed to return to their birth places. On hearing the news, Joseph and his wife Mary, who was pregnant with God's child, left Nazareth for Bethlehem. Mary sat on a donkey, while Joseph walked beside her all the way to Bethlehem. After days of endless travelling, the duo reached Bethlehem. They searched for shelter, but no one was willing to offer the couple shelter. At last, Joseph and Mary came upon an inn. The inn had no empty rooms, but when the inn-keeper realized Mary's condition was delicate, he took pity on her and directed them to a cave nearby. A few shepherds with their cattle lived in that cave, and within that cave, was a small stable. Joseph cleaned the stable and arranged for his wife to sleep after a tiring journey. He filled a manger with fresh hay to make a crib for the baby, who was about to be born.

When Mary gave birth to baby Jesus the very next day, a huge star appeared in the sky that could be visible for miles. At the same time, an angel appeared in front of the shepherds who were watching over their herds. The shepherds, on seeing the angel for the first time, were afraid. But the angel reassured and informed them that Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born. The angels disappeared, leaving the shepherds in awe. The shepherds reached the stable, only to witness the beatific child, asleep in his crib.

In the East, three kings noticed a star shining luminously over Bethlehem in the dark sky. Believing that this was a sign of God, they headed out to follow the star. After a long journey, the three kings stumbled upon baby Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem. They bowed in respect and offered 'myrrh', 'frankincense' and gold as gifts to the son of God. That night, the kings stayed in the cave and returned the next day to spread the news of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Miracle Of Jesus
Long ago, one fine Christmas Eve, a little child wandered all alone in the busy streets of a crowded city. The child had no place to go to and so, he roamed about freely. The winter winds pierced his skin severely and yet he walked by the houses in the hope of being welcomed by a family. The child then decided to climb a stairway that led to an enormous, wealthy household and tapped on the front door. On hearing the knocks, the servant of the house opened the door and dismissed the boy. The child walked away in disappointment and continued to wander. Every time the door opened, he was denied a share of Christmas pleasures, which left him utterly disappointed.

At last, the child came upon a small house. He peered through the windows and saw a mother and her children seated near a fireplace. The child then gently knocked on the door, one last time. The mother opened the door and on seeing the state of the boy clothed in rags, she quickly pulled him into the house. She warmed his frozen hands and kissed his face. Together, the family began to decorate the Christmas tree.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. A luminous light began to grow in the room, and when the mother and children turned to see where the light came from, they were astonished with the divine sight. The little boy was not in rags but was bedecked in white with a halo and the face shone like the sun. The family gazed in awe at the child, and at the same time, the house grew larger. The little child smiled and floated away into the night. The family knew immediately, that the child was Jesus Christ.

Christmas denotes the importance of sharing, love and compassion. People pay attention to the festivities but tend to forget about the origins. The legend of the Christ child is an important story that will remind us about the splendor of Jesus Christ.