Robin, the redbreast bird, is considered as an important Christmas symbol. Read through the following article to know more about this special Christmas bird.

Legend Of Robin

The festival of Christmas has many legends attached to it and Christmas Robin is one of them. Popularly known as the red breast bird, this creature is considered of immense importance, especially, during Christmas. The story of this little bird has turned out to be so significant that it is now a story unknown to none. Christmas Robin is mainly popular among children as its story teaches children a lot about good deeds and the importance of selfless acts. Christmas is that time of the year where people put aside their egos and selfishness and try to help one another. Thus, the legend of Christmas Robin is one story that is apt for the Christmas season. Although there have been many versions to this cheerful little bird's legend, the most popular one i.e., the one where robin helps Mother Mary has been narrated below. Read through the following section and enjoy the legend.

The Redbreast Bird

Though the legend of robin was known to people even in the olden times, it came to be considered as a legend only in the mid-19th century and has gained immense popularity since then. It is believed that robin was only a little brown bird with no distinct feature, such as the red breast that it now boasts of. Legend has it that the robin got its red breast while it was trying to work a dying fire and burnt its breast feathers in the process.

The Story
The night when Jesus was born was so cold and chilly that Mother Mary was unable to keep infant Jesus warm in the stable. The wind blew constantly into the stable and the fire was about to go off. Mother Mary was worried and asked the animals in her stable for help. First she asked the ox to blow on the embers so that the fire continues. But the ox was fast asleep and couldn't hear Mother Mary's cry for help. Next, she asked the donkey, horse and the sheep, but in vain. Mother Mary had lost hope, but she was surprised when she heard the continuous flapping of a bird's wings. The bird was none other than the robin. Seeing Mother Mary's helplessness, he decided to help her keep the stable warm. So, he flapped his wings rigorously at the dying embers and fetched some dry sticks for the fire. This stopped the fire from going off completely but the flame that rose suddenly, burnt the little bird's breast and turned it red. Despite getting hurt, the bird continued his efforts to keep the fire going, just to keep the stable warm for infant Jesus. Mother Mary was so moved by the kind gesture of this little bird that she blessed the bird in the morning, saying that "From now on, let your red breast be a reminder of your good deed".

There are many variations to this story of robin and one is associated with Christ's crucifixion. In this version, while Jesus was dying on the cross, a robin flew near him and sang in order to ease the pain. Lord Jesus was bleeding so badly that a drop of his blood fell on the robin's chest resulting in the red breast. Thereafter, all robins were born with this and hence the name Redbreast Robin.

Popularity Attained
This story of robin gained such immense popularity towards 19th century that its pictures began to appear on Christmas greeting cards and postage stamps. Artificial feathers of this sacred bird are still used to decorate Christmas cards and even artificial robins can be found on Christmas trees as decorations; robin-shaped Christmas cakes are also becoming popular these days.

Thus, the story of robin explains that hard work and determination are the keys to success, no matter how weak you are. It also tells you that selflessness is a virtue that never goes unnoticed.