Sage plant is one of the most sacred plants associated with Christmas with an interesting story associated to it. Read through the article below to know the legend of this plant.

Legend Of Sage Plant

Christmas is one of the most popularly celebrated festivals around the world and is observed with no boundaries. It is a festival celebrated with lots of joy and happiness. It commemorates the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and the name Christmas is popularly believed to be inspired from "Christ's Mass". People around the world celebrate Christmas in different ways and there are various traditions and cultures associated with this festival. As any other festival, Christmas is also associated with lots of stories, symbols and legends, the most popular ones being the story of Santa Claus, the story of Christmas tree, the legend of Rudolph etc. The legend of sage plant is one such story that has been associated with Christmas since times unknown. Known for its caring and helpful nature, sage plant is said to have protected Mother Mary and infant Jesus from a merciless king who was on a killing spree. Read through the below article to know the complete story of the sage plant.

The Story
King Herod was outraged when he heard the ancient prophecy of the birth of a Guardian angel and future king of Jews, in his country. Herod, who believed in Judaism, scared of the prediction of a Messiah's birth, went on to massacre every child below two years of age in and around Bethlehem. However, the angels had forewarned Joseph about this bloody massacre and he, along with Mother Mary and baby Jesus, decided to flee Bethlehem. They reached Egypt but no one was willing to lend them a helping hand in the new place. Although Joseph and Mary managed to escape Herod's army, the tiresome journey took its toll and their strength started waning. Joseph asked Mary to rest while he went in search of water. Suddenly, Mary heard the noise of horses approaching and shook in fear as she thought of what lay in store for her and Jesus if Herod found them. Utterly helpless and scared for her child's life, Mary asked a nearby rose plant for a place to hide but the plant refused any kind of refuge for fear of being crushed by the angry soldiers; it is believed that the rose plant started bearing thorns since then. Mother Mary then turned to the clove bush for refuge but to no avail as the plant was too busy blooming; it is said that since then, the clove plant has been blooming flowers that give out a bad scent. The only bush that remained now was the sage plant and it was very kind and offered to help mother Mary. It quickly blossomed and created a shelter for the mother and the child. When the soldiers passed them by without any suspicion, Mary, in her gratitude, thanked and blessed the plant saying, "Sage, oh holy sage, many thanks. I bless you for your good deed which everyone will henceforth remember". Since then, the sage plant has been revered for its healing powers and it is a common ingredient in Christmas stuffing.

This is a legendary story that has taught people that kindness and generosity can keep your name alive till eternity and that it is important to help others with whatever little you have. The moral of this story makes it a must-read for people belonging to all age groups.