Christmas Rose blooms during the time of the year when the other flowers can't. Read more and find out the story and the significance of the Christmas Flower.

Legend Of The Christmas Rose

During Christmas, family and friends gather together and celebrate the festival with great pomp and fervor. The exchange of gifts is an inevitable part of the occasion which they consider as a token of love expressed to one another. Want to know how this tradition of gifting came into being? Have you ever heard about the Christmas Rose? After going through the following section, you will figure out why and how it came to be known as such. The Legend of Christmas Rose will also bring to your notice that it is actually your gesture that counts rather than the magnitude of your gift. Even if the gift is a simple flower, if it comes straight from the heart it overshadows the best of gifts given half-heartedly. This Christmas Rose which blossoms in the harsh and the cold winter has become a significant part of the Yuletide celebrations. Scroll further and go through this legend and imbibe the real essence of gifting on Christmas.

Story And Significance

Little Madelon
The night when the Blessed Lord was born, the angels spread the message of peace and goodwill to all the shepherds of the hillside. Everyone longed for the Infant King and the news of his birth left people awed and wonderstruck for a while. All of them set on their path to see the new born King. So, they made arrangements to keep their sheep safe and starting thinking of the gifts they would buy for the baby Jesus.

The Legend of the Christmas Rose revolves around a little girl named Madelon on the night when Jesus Christ was born. It was one cold night of the winter month when she saw the Three Wise Men and the shepherds crossing her field which was covered with snow. She too wanted to see the baby and so she watched the shepherds and listened to what they were saying. She followed the men downhill to the village of Bethlehem to get a glance of the baby. All of the travelers had special gifts for the new born King except the little girl, Madelon. There were valuable gifts of frankincense, myrrh, gold, fruits, doves, honey, homemade cheese, lambs etc. for the baby. Madelon hid herself behind a house so that she was not visible to all the men. She feared that if they spotted her there, they would send her back home and she didn't want that to happen. She overheard the men saying that it was a sin to come empty handed to greet the new born King. This made her tiny little heart skip a beat and she decided not to enter the stable and commit the sin. As all the other shepherds went in and saw the baby, she waited outside.

Finally, she couldn't resist the temptation to see the King of Kings and went around the countryside in search of a flower but, since the weather was cold, there weren't any flowers to be found. She felt helpless and tears started rolling out from her eyes. An angel saw this and felt pity for the little girl. Thus, as tears of the little girl touched the snow at her feet, a blossom of beautiful white flowers with pink tinted petals took form. The little girl was overjoyed at the sight of this and went in to greet the baby at the manger after all the shepherds left. Infant Christ, delighted at the sight of the rose, blessed the rose for eternity as the only flower with the ability to survive the harsh winters.

The Christmas Rose
Christmas Rose, sometimes known as 'Snow Rose', or 'Winter Rose', is a famous English plant. It is known as Christmas flower because it blooms during the winter in the mountains of Central Europe. The growth of this English plant is indeed a miracle as it blooms during the peak winter season when the rest of the plants are frozen solid. These plants blossom from late Fall till of early spring and grow up to 15 inch in length with shiny leaves which appear dark green.