Here are ideas about having some fun activity. Read about Easter's party games for kids.

Easter Games

Any event appears to be drab and dull without racy games and fun-filled competitions. Easter, the auspicious festival of Christians, is not only renowned for its traditional family feasts and Easter gifts, but is also synonymous to fun Easter games. Some of the popular games played during this time are egghead, Easter guessing game, reverse egg hunt, bunny tag, and duck pond among others. Not only the children, but also adults play and indulge in these fun games with equal fervor. The websites are flooded with copious Easter games that are fun to play and are one of the best ways to while away the holiday time in a fun way. Egg rolling that involves the use of hardboiled eggs is an important traditional Easter game. However, Holland celebrates Easter in a unique way. Besides visiting churches and usual egg hunts, people here play an interesting game called Eiertikken where two eggs are knocked against each other. Besides, bonfire contest is also organized during this time. The person whose bonfire is the biggest wins the game. Explore the article further to find out more about the Easter party games for kids.

Easter Party Games

Kids Egg Hunt
It is a very easy game to play. All you need to do is take a couple of colored eggs and hide them in your house. Now ask the kids to find them. One who finds the maximum number of eggs is declared as the winner in this game.

Egg Head
To play this game, you need minimum of five eggs. Out of the five eggs, hard-boil any one egg. Once the egg is boiled, place all the eggs together in a bowl. Now line up five kids and ask each child to pick up one egg from the bowl. Now ask the children to crush the eggs on their head. Whoever has the hardboiled egg is the winner.

Reverse Egg Hunt
There is not much of a difference in this game as compared to egg hunt. The only difference lies in the fact that instead of the kids, the parents are the players here. The kids can color the eggs and hide it in their house. Any parent who finds the maximum number of eggs is declared as the winner here.

Easter Guessing Game
All those who are fond of chocolates would love this game. Take a jar and fill it up with Easter eggs, jellybeans and chocolate Easter bunnies. Now ask your guests to guess the number of each item. The person, who makes the closest guess, if not the perfect guess, is the winner.

Easter Memory
Take a couple of eggs and paint them on one side. Once you are done with the painting, place the Easter eggs on the grass, assuring that the colored side faces the ground. This is the game to test your memory and see whether you remember, which color egg is hidden where. The player who makes the maximum number of right guesses is declared as the winner.