Here are the steps as to how to make easy Easter craft, bunny mask for Easter festivity.

Bunny Mask

If it's Easter, then you got to have bunny masks for your little ones. The bunny mask continues to remain in demand each year, as it is a hot favorite among children. The alliance between bunny rabbit and Easter is a long one. Rabbit, which symbolizes fertility and new birth, bears a long history and has a slew of legends attached to it. During Easter, you will find shops teeming with bunny dolls, bunny cards, bunny eggs, bunny boxes and loads more. Not only are these bunny crafts and dolls a huge rage among children, but are equally sought-after by the adults as well. Not only do they make popular gifting options, but are extremely simple to make. Tiny tots love to put on these masks and hide their real identities for a while. Though you depend on markets and gift stores to buy bunny masks, it is always recommended to make one at home. The mask is extremely simple to make and can be made in different shapes and sizes. With just a few basic craft items, your bunny mask could be ready in no time. Scroll down the article to know how to make colorful bunny masks at home. Easter bunny mask is one of the favorite easy Easter crafts of kids. All you need for making these cute bunnies is a paper plate, pink construction paper, scissors, ribbon and glue. Here are the steps as to how to make bunny mask for Easter...

How To Make Bunny Mask
  • Before you begin with your bunny mask, just make sure you have all the craft items handy. To make a bunny mask, you will need paper plates, white and pink sugar papers, glue stick, a pair of blunt scissors, color sticks, yarn and a hole puncher.
  • Begin with marking the construction paper in a circular shape with a pencil. For this, you can use a paper plate. Once you have made light marks on the paper, you can cut it in a circular shape along the sides of the circle. Remember to use white construction paper for the circular shape and not the pink ones.
  • Once the white sugar paper is cut, glue it on the back of the paper plate and place it aside to dry. To make the ears of the bunny, turn over the pink constructive paper. Take a pencil to sketch the shape of the bunny's ears. There are different ways to draw the ears — some like to keep it long shaped while others prefer to keep it in a pointed leafy form.
  • Once the ears are sketched and cut, turn over the cutouts and glue them on the top edge of the paper plate. By now, the basic outline of your bunny mask is done.
  • To make the facial features, use a hole puncher to give a perfect shaped round eyes. For the nose, you could cut a small triangle using a pink sugar paper. Stick the triangle upside down on the face of the bunny.
  • Complete the bunny mask by drawing a curved line just below the nose to define its mouth. You can also make your bunny look cuter by giving him pink blotches on the side of the face with a color pencil. Lastly, stick the yarn at the back of your bunny's mask. Now you bunny mask is ready.