Here are the lyrics of famous song on Easter called the Easter bunny by M. Josephine Todd.

Easter Bunny

Your Easter celebration is truly incomplete without Easter Bunny, a cute little hare that have come to be almost synonymous to Easter celebrations now. The fables and stories related to Easter Bunnies are legendary and have kindled the imagination of many. In fact, these cute, little bunny rabbits have come to be so much an indispensable part of Easter celebrations that today it is impossible to think of Easter without bunny cakes, festoons, crafts, goodies and lot's more. Signifying fertility and new birth, Easter Bunny has been around for ages now and is no recent concept. In fact, this popular Easter symbol traces back its root to the pagan celebration of Eastre where goddess Eastre was venerated in the form of a rabbit. The Germans introduced this symbol to America and since then it has remained an indispensable part of Easter celebrations and folklore. Just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny is believed to bring colored eggs and many gifts to the kids on the night before Easter. Children especially dote over these cute creatures.

Owing to its immense popularity, a number of songs have been dedicated to Easter Bunny. Today, you will find a variety of Easter Bunny songs that are a huge rage in church functions and family gatherings. One such famous composition is 'Easter Bunny' by M. Josephine Todd, which recounts the account of a toy bunny that colors eggs on every Easter morning and goes around distributing them to the kids. When it's the time for Easter party celebrations, music stores witness booming sales on CDs of Easter bunny songs. Kids love to memorize the Easter song lyrics and they sing in various singing competitions held in the school during the Easter springtime. Here is the lyric of the famous Easter Bunny song by M. Josephine Todd, which till date remains one of the most loved bunny songs on Easter.

Easter Bunny - by M. Josephine Todd
There's a story quite funny,
About a toy bunny,
And the wonderful things she can do;
Every bright Easter morning,
Without warning,
She colors eggs, red, green, or blue.

Some she covers with spots,
Some with quaint little dots,
And some with strange mixed colors, too
-- Red and green, blue and yellow,
But each unlike his fellow
Are eggs of every hue.

And it's odd, as folks say,
That on no other day
In all of the whole year through,
Does this wonderful bunny,
So busy and funny,
Color eggs of every hue.

If this story you doubt
She will soon find you out,
And what do you think she will do?
On the next Easter morning
She'll bring you without warning,
Those eggs of every hue.