Here are the lyrics of the most famous song on Easter called Easter parade by Irving Berlin.

Easter Parade

Easter always brings with it a slew of celebrations, feastings, parties, and not to forget, loads of good cheer. An important Christian festival Easter is one event that commemorates the resurrection of the Christ and symbolizes new life, happiness and greatness of God. During this springtime festivity, people come together and willingly participate in jubilation and merry-making. Of all things dedicated to this occasion, the songs always take away a larger chunk of attention. Among the popular Easter songs, the Easter parade song by Irving Berlin is best admired for its fantastic lyrics and amazing music. Published in the year 1933, the song was introduced by Clifton Webb and Marilyn Miller. First featuring in the Broadway musical called As Thousands Cheer, this song was later sung in the film Holiday Inn by Bing Crosby. Later, this song featured in a musical film that revolved around this song. In this song, the writer talks of his personal contribution in an American cultural event called the Easter Parade. Berlin initially wrote the melody in the year 1917 under the title name of 'Smile and Show Your Dimple' but somehow couldn't get popularity then. Undeniably the most popular Easter songs of all times, 'Easter Parade' till date remains a perennial favorite among music lovers. To understand the charm and beauty of the song go through the lyrics of Easter parade given below.

Easter Parade - by Irving Berlin
Never saw you look quite so pretty before
Never saw you dressed quite so lovely what's more
I could hardly wait to keep our date this lovely
Easter morning...
And my heart beat fast as I came through the door

For In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it
You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade

I'll be all in clover and when they look you over
I'll be the proudest fellow in the Easter parade

On the Avenue
Fifth Avenue
The photographers will snap us
And you'll find that you're
In the rotogravure

[Alternate bridge for Great Britain:]

To the Park we'll go
Round Rotten Row
The photographers will snap us
And then you'll be seen
In the Smart magazine