Here are the lyrics of one of the most famous Easter song 'He Arose’ by Barney E. Warren.

He Arose

Like all other Christian festivals, even Easter is celebrated with great zeal and zest. Observed to commemorate the resurrection of the Christ, Easter is one festival that brings unbound hopes and happiness to all. Although no festival is complete without religious observances, the non-religious aka the fun-part of a celebration is what makes you let your hair down and party. The best part about Easter celebration is the lip-smacking feasts and family reunion that is the biggest USP of this event. And the exciting platter of ham, potatoes, steak, lamb and yummy desserts just spikes up the festive spirit. However, amidst all the fun and jubilation, it's important to remember the real cause on why Easter is celebrated. Apart from all the fun and excitement, people spend this day remembering the Lord and thanking him for saving them. No jubilation is complete without music. Easter music is especially customized to commemorate this day and makes an integral part of every dinner parties, feasts and prayers. If you are looking for a song that is more assuasive, devotional and poetic, the tuning on to 'He Arose', a popular Easter song by Barney E. Warren elucidating the new life and grace of Lord Jesus would be your best bet. Listening to this hymn written to commemorate the Almighty and thank him for his kindness is truly a delight to the years. If you want to know more on this song there is no better idea then following the lyrics.

He Arose - by Barney E. Warren
"He is risen," said the angel to the women,
When they came to see Him sleeping in the cave;
Jesus burst the mighty bars of death asunder,
And arose to reign triumphant from the grave.

He arose, my Savior,
He arose, my Savior,
He arose, my Savior,
Triumphant from the grave.

He is risen, surely death is now abolished:
Grave, where is thy victory? Death, where is thy sting?
Jesus flashes light into the darkened valley;
Swell the mighty chorus, men and angels sing.

He is risen; let the nations hear the music,
Let the gospel truth reach every distant plain;
Let the tidings roll that every guilty captive
May be fully free and help to praise His name.

He is risen, hence the fear of that grim monster
Is forever banished to the shades of night;
And the grave and death have lost their wretched terror
While we live on earth or take our upward flight.

He Rose is a beautiful, poetic hymn devoted to the Lord. Not only does it manages to capture the real essence of Easter, but also gives the listeners a deep insight on the events that triggered crucifixion and resurrection of the Christ.