Here are some ideas about the association of cross with Easter festival. Read about Easter symbol cross.

Easter Cross

The relevance of the cross in Christianity is humungous. Just the sight of this auspicious symbol is good enough to invoke divine feelings in our minds and remind us about the sacrifice of Christ. Different religions use different types of crosses that vary in lengths. Generally, during the time of Easter, one of the most popular festivals of Christians, a black cloth is draped over the cross to mourn the death of Jesus. However, before Easter Sunday, the drape is removed from the symbol and instead adorned with beautiful flowers. Most churches take up the initiative to clean the cross and make it look as spic-and-span as possible. Thus, an Easter cross symbolizes both the sides of coin i.e. resurrection and crucifixion.

Just like all other arbitrary Christian symbols, even the cross has come to acquire tremendous religious significance over the years. Due to its involvement with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Easter cross has been awarded a high status in Christianity. Emperor Constantine, at the council of Nicaea pronounced the Holy cross as the official symbolic representation of Christianity. Since then, the cross has come to symbolize not just crucifixion of Christ and Easter, but has also come to be the official symbol of Catholic Church.

Symbolizing life over death, the Easter cross is a subjective representation of the immense pain and the enormous blood that Jesus had shed to redeem humankind of their sins. Jesus was put on the cross to purge the entire mankind, to save them from eternal perish. The cross is a constant reminder of the colossal pain and suffering that He undertook for us. This is how the cross came to win for itself a sacred status in Christianity, the ultimate symbolic representation of the faith. What's more, Easter cross symbolizes the victory of good over evil, the triumph of life over death. To cut the long story short, Easter symbol typifies for sacrifice and life and hence, stands for both crucifixion and resurrection.

Different sects of Christianity use different types of crosses. For instance, the Eastern Orthodox Churches use the Greek cross while Catholics and Protestants use Latin cross. Not only that, even the importance of the crosses vary according to their sizes. However, the standard length used for the Cross is 6-7 feet. The cross is used during the Lent for prayers. During Good Friday, the black veil is removed from the Easter Cross. Instead, the Easter Cross is adorned with bright blooms on this day to commemorate the rising of the Christ. Hence, the Easter Cross is viewed highly in Christianity and among its followers and is an indispensable part of all Christian rituals including Easter Day.