Here are ideas about the association of flower Lily with the festival Easter. Read about the symbol of Easter, white Lily.

Easter Lily

Easter is the most important Christian festival, next only to Christmas, as it is celebrated to commemorate Jesus's resurrection from the dead and his reunion with the Holy Father. For Christians all over the world, Easter Sunday brings a message of new life and happiness. In general, this festival announces the dawn of spring and all the peace and beauty that comes with it-the rains, the greenery and colorful flowers like the tulips, crocuses, daffodils, and white lilies in all their original elegance. Surrounded with so much beauty, it is only natural that a spring festival like Easter includes a generous amount of flowers in the celebrations. And so it is! During Easter, people exchange flower bouquets and decorate their houses and churches with flowers. The most common flowers for this occasion are white lilies. Their existence represents new life and hence symbolizes Jesus's resurrection while their color and formation symbolize Jesus's purity and tranquility. Read further to learn more about the Easter White Lilies.

  • These beautiful white flowers embody joy, hope and inspiration for many during Easter and well beyond.
  • Easter signifies rebirth and a new beginning and these flowers, with their purity and blossoms, symbolize the spirit and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Easter lilies are also known as Bermuda lilies since right they have been grown in Bermuda since 19th century. Their Latin name is lilium longiflorum. They are native to the Ryukyu Islands of southern Japan, but after World War II, even US stared cultivated them successfully in many regions.
  • The concept of Easter Lilies was introduced by a soldier of World War I, Louis Houghton. He had taken several hybrid lily bulbs to Oregon in 1919 and distributed them widely. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 abruptly stopped the import of Easter lily bulbs from Japan. It led to the U.S. cultivation of Easter lilies.
Symbol Of Easter White Lily
  • The Easter White Lilies are known for their purity and holiness.
  • One of the stories that follows Easter White Lily talks about the portrayal of Angel Gabriel approaching the Virgin Mary with a spray of lilies in his hand, so as to announce that she has been picked to be the mother of the holy child.  
  • Roman mythology has associates the White Lily with Juno, the Queen of Gods. Legend has it that once a portion of Queen Juno's milk once fell on earth while she was feeding her baby. The spot where Juno's milk was spilled was the first place where white lilies grew.
  • Lilies generally have three petals and three sepals which are alike in color and also six stamens. 
  • Earlier, the Madonna lily was used as the traditional flower of Easter but, it always failed to blossom during the festive season. This resulted in Madonna lilies being substituted by Bermuda lilies as they usually bloom during the season of spring.
  • The white lilies have been a fitting symbol for the greater meaning of Easter as they carry the message of joy, hope and life. Gifting white lilies during the time of Easter to family and friends is the best way to remind that Easter is a time to rejoice and celebrate.
  • Due to the connection of the White Lily with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and also because of its delicate form and snow white color, some Christians call it the “flowers of God”.