Here are a few ideas on paper crafts for mother's day. Read on to learn how to make folded paper garlands for mother's day in the following article.

Mothers Day Folded Paper Garlands

Mother's day is one occasion which you celebrate by spreading love or just let it pass by like any other day. You can either make it special for your mother or can just wish her and let her get involved in her day to day activities. It might take a bit of your time and some arrangements that need to be put into place, but organising a party or a get-together on the occasion is simpler than deciding upon a suitable gift for your mother. Though gift stores and handicraft dealers promise to provide you with wide range of varieties, it will only add up to your confusion. The question then arises, how to do away with this confusion that is bound to haunt you? One of the best things to do is to gift your mother something handmade. You can make use of paper and present her something personalized and more relevant. A mother's day folded paper garland is one of the most popular of all paper crafts, which is both convenient and simple to make. Embellish your home with mother's day folded paper garlands by learning the procedure to make them, after going through the sections below.

Things Required
  • Scissors
  • Crepe Papers
  • Stapler
  • Cut the crepe papers into approximately 3 inch wide stripes carefully. Make sure to keep one stripe of the paper shorter than the other one.
  • Now hold the ends of two crepe papers together at an angle of 90 degrees and staple them together at the same angle.
  • Holding the stapled crepe paper in one hand, fold the lower stripe over the other. Make a neat fold to make a square fold.
  • Keep repeating the process of folding till you reach the end of the stripes. Once you have used the entire stripe paper to make square folds, staple the two papers together at the other end.
  • Once you have stapled the papers on the other end as well, lift one stapled end and let the ends fold open.
  • Your lovely folded paper garland is now ready to be used as a decorative item to adorn your house on the occasion of mother's day.